Electronic equipment is an integral part of our lives in the workplace. According to a report by the United Nations, the world produces as much as 50 million tonnes of e-waste each year. From computers and copiers to cell phones and other office technology, there are many essential electronic equipment products we rely on to work efficiently and effectively. Common office products that can be categorized as e-waste include

  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Computer Components (CPUs, processors, etc.)
  • Keyboards
  • Printers
  • Phones
  • Fax machines
  • Televisions

When it comes time to replace our old electronics, it is important to do so properly so we are not contributing to the growing global e-waste problems. 

Why is E-Waste a Problem?

There are many associated problems with e-waste, which is why it is important not to let electronics wind up in a landfill. Electronics cannot be easily thrown out like other types of office waste because e-waste can leak hazardous chemicals if thrown away in a dumpster. This leakage can lead to liability lawsuits and other legal issues arising from cases such as improper desktop disposal.


When e-waste is disposed into landfills or left discarded by the side of the road, hazardous chemical components eventually leach into the soil and groundwater. Not only does this affect the environment and wildlife at risk, but it also puts people at risk. Toxic e-waste problems are so well known that it has become illegal in many states to improperly dispose of old electronics. 


So, are you wondering about a possible solution for the growing e-waste problem? Here are a few methods you can employ to reduce your e-waste output.

1. Sell or Donate Old Electronics

One of the many ways you can ensure that your e-waste does not end up in a landfill is by reselling your old electronics that still work. With marketplace apps like Letgo becoming increasingly popular, finding a buyer for your old electronics is as easy as ever before. You can dispose of old electronics and make a quick buck, too.

If you are feeling in a charitable mood, donating your old electronics to charity is another way to breathe new life into your old tech. Michael Miller with VPNOnline always donates his used devices. “Many don’t seem to be aware, but most electronic devices have harmful elements to our environment. That’s why instead of throwing away my old gadgets, I donate them to others.” 

Many local charities would be more than willing to take an old TV or computer off your hands. Second-hand stores like Goodwill are all over the country and will accept working electronics for donation. By selling or donating your old electronics, you are ensuring that your old tech is staying out of landfills and finding renewed use with someone else, helping to curb many of the e-waste problems.

A pile of old electronic equipment inside an orange dumpster

2. Treat Your Electronics Right

How often have you heard stories of friends or family needing to purchase a new phone because they broke their last one? One of the most effective solutions for e-waste is to treat your tech with respect. This ensures that your tech will last a long time and stay out of a landfill. 

There are many ways to maintain different pieces of technology. Placing a protective case or screen protector on your phone is one way to prolong its life. You won’t need to dispose of a broken phone if it isn’t broken in the first place!

For computers, cleaning the insides of dust or dirt is another way to improve their lifetime usage. For any electronic device, not charging the device to 100% will prolong its battery life. A good battery will keep your device fast and operating for a long time. By properly maintaining your electronic devices, you will keep them in your possession and out of landfills for longer.

Additionally, if your device is broken or having issues, try fixing it before tossing it and buying the newest model. This can add a few months or even years to your device. Shayne Sherman with Car Passionate tells us to “Really try and fix your technology before you throw it away. Search for places in your local area that would be able to help with that. There are even lots of free workshops happening nowadays.”

If you do need to replace your cell phone, learn about how you can upcycle your cell phone battery.

A man in a plaid shirt throwing electronics into a recycling container

3. Recycle Your E-Waste

In an ideal world, companies would offer incentives for users to return their old tech to be recycled but often that is not the case. Daniel with Zippy Electronics tells us, “The best way to address the growing e-waste problem worldwide is by encouraging the companies that produce electronic products to have doable and reliable recycling programs for their own products.” 

Unfortunately, and more often than not, it’s left up to the user to find a place to recycle their broken or outdated device. And while finding the proper recycling channels may take a bit of effort, it is worth it to help prevent devastating e-waste problems. 

By recycling e-waste, you are preserving the natural resources used to build and manufacture electronics. You also guarantee that the chemicals inside your e-waste remain out of the local environment and are used to produce additional electronic items. 

Many retail stores are giving customers options to bring in their old electronics for various purposes. Trading in old electronics for cash or credit towards new technology is a common practice nowadays. There are also electronic recycling businesses whose job is to dispose of your e-waste safely and securely. So, not only is recycling your electronics one of the best solutions for e-waste, it can also benefit your wallet, too!

If you are a business looking to recycle your e-waste responsibly, we can help. At Newtech Recycling, we are committed to creating a safe and sustainable corporate electronic recycling process for you and your business. Through our extensive range of service options, we will help to dispose of any and all electronic waste and data that you need to be removed.

Safely Dispose of Electronic Waste with Newtech Recycling

No matter who we are, we should all work to protect the environment better. Tommy with Vekhayn told us, “The biggest problem of e-waste rise is not actually lack of places to recycle it.” Rather, the problem is getting people and businesses to comply. 

At Newtech Recycling, it is our corporate duty to ensure that the right environmental practices are being employed when disposing of any e-waste your businesses might produce. No matter the size of your business, we are here to handle any amount of e-waste your company needs to be removed.

When you work with us, you are ensuring that you are protecting the environment safely and responsibly. Contact us today to learn about our solutions for e-waste recycling in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut.