What is ITAD?

Information technology asset disposition (ITAD) businesses offer a legally compliant, environmentally protective, data secure method for decommissioning old, failed or retired computer hardware and IT infrastructure. As a leading ITAD company Newtech offers the same excellent level of service whether recycling a laptop or an entire data center.

ITAD encompasses a range of services, one of which is information technology asset recovery. IT asset recovery solutions usually include the offer to buy, or refurbish and resell your old IT assets. Many ITAD companies tend to cherry pick what they want to buy and will leave you to dispose of the rest or charge high recycling fees due to 3rd party partnerships. The difference with Newtech is it owns an e-waste recycling facility, which allows it to take all your IT assets, irrespective of worth.

Remarketing IT Assets

Newtech Recycling offers to businesses in and around NJ, NY, PA and CT, the re-marketing and recycling of computer hardware, electronics and office I.T. equipment. Newtech Recycling will recover the market value of high worth IT assets, and recycle the hardware that’s worthless e.g. broken, failing or antiquated.

The Newtech Recycling ITAD remarketing of IT asset service will get you the highest market value for your old computer hardware. Unlike other ITAD companies, Newtech does not cherry pick just the items they want to buy from you, Newtech will take all your IT waste and either recuperate its monetary value through reselling or recycling the IT hardware or electronic equipment. Newtech is also equipped to refurbish your old IT hardware for either resell or donation.

Choosing the Right ITAD Service

As a leading ITAD service provider Newtech Recycling offers every required aspect all under one roof. When you use Newtech Recycling to manage your ITAD needs you are not hiring a consultant and their partners, you are using a State authorised ITAD single partner solution. Newtech makes IT asset disposal effortless.

The primary ITAD services start with inventory assessment, management & logistics. This includes indexing your hardware to establish what you want e.g. to sell, to shred, to recycle. Newtech then offers to either collect or disassemble, palletize, and securely remove the IT assets. Following this, the IT assets are either remarketed, recycled or undergo data destruction. Lastly, Newtech Recycling will issue your organization a data destruction and recycling certification.

ITAD Removal Service

The Newtech Recycling ITAD logistical service can either work to your business’s specific requirements, or you can choose from a box program, or share a collection truck to save money, or you can order uniquely bespoke de-installation, packing, palletizing and asset removal. Newtech offers a Nationwide ITAD removal service.

The Newtech logistics and ITAD management team offer serialized audits for all your IT assets awaiting disposal. Newtech collects IT assets from all office, warehouse, educational and data center environments. If required, the ITAD logistics team can pack and palletize IT assets to ensure, they are not damaged, when being securely removed. Whatever you require from the Newtech ITAD onsite removal technicians they will be more than willing and able to help.

Secure ITAD

The term ‘secure information technology asset disposition’ or SITAD relates to both the Chain-of-Custody and the processes involved in destroying any data storage device e.g. computer hard drives, photocopier drives, backup tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, SSD and mobile drives. Newtech Recycling offers an uncompromising SITAD service.

Newtech Recycling securely destroys data in accordance with SOX, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA and NAID regulations. Newtech clients include government agencies, corporations, healthcare providers, financial institutions, law firms, pharmaceuticals and many other entities. In addition to offering off-site advanced data destruction, which includes EMP wiping and shredding, Newtech also offers a nationwide on-site, hard drive and media shredding service for every type of business. The Chain-of-Custody is managed with precision, even the Newtech trucks are sealed and tracked via GPS.

IT Asset Recycling 

The Newtech Recycling ITAD service covers every step of the recycling process. ITAD recycling ensures that the most ecologically beneficial disposal methods are deployed; whilst guaranteeing data security through one of the securest data destruction programs in the United States.

When it comes to recycling IT assets the Newtech ITAD recycling engineers use a method known as demanufacturing. This has been proven to result in a higher level of reclamation than just shredding. This technique of material processing re-introduces more back into the manufacturing process as raw materials. It’s also better for the environment and local economy. As a State authorised e-waste recycler, Newtech issues a ‘recycling certificate’ for all your recycled IT assets.

ITAD Support Manager

As a socially responsible, ecologically ethical ITAD vendor Newtech Recycling focuses a lot of emphasis on supporting their clients’ individual needs. The aim of this personalized support is to help ensure all of your requirements are fully met; whilst fulfilling all the State and Federal recycling and data protection regulations.

Newtech will appoint both a primary support contact and a regional service manager to your account. You will have direct access to these individuals 24/7. Their job is to identify your needs and walk you through each process and every step of the project. As you reach the completion of the ITAD service your support manager will issue your business with certification proving the correct procedures for data destruction and recycling have been followed.

The Cost of ITAD

It’s the aim of any good ITAD service provider to either zero out the cost of recycling or ideally pay you for your company’s old IT assets. If you choose to just recycle then Newtech will recycle all computers and laptops FREE of charge. Discounts also apply on volumes such as hard drive shredding and repeating projects.

Providing your IT assets hold a reasonable value Newtech is willing to either offer to buy them or offer to remarket and sell them for you. Where applicable, a pre-agreed proportion of the sales income, will pay for any services provided e.g.: removal, remarketing, data destruction and recycling. Newtech Recycling has a phenomenal record in not just making its ITAD affordable but also in making it profitable for its many clients.

Enterprise ITAD Service

From Banks to governmental departments, from medical facilities to the pharmaceutical industry, whatever your business, the Newtech enterprise IT asset disposition solution is designed to help. Newtech is fully compliant, with: R2:2013 accreditation, ISO 14001, NAID membership, EPA registered and State authorised.

Just keeping up with data destruction regulations like the ones found in SOX, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, State & Federal laws can be utterly time consuming, as can keeping up-to-date with e-waste disposal laws. That’s why Newtech Recycling takes care of it all for you, with its ‘enterprise IT asset disposition service’. Aimed at the larger organizations this corporate ITAD service offers everything, de-Installation, asset removal, onsite or offsite data erasure & destruction plus a lot more.

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