Information technology is constantly changing, and that means businesses need to constantly be changing with it by upgrading to newer, better hardware and replacing their old and obsolete devices. But what happens to those devices when they’re no longer needed?


Too often, unwanted electronic devices, including computers, servers, hard drives, and more, are carelessly discarded into landfills, which not only poses a threat to the environment and human health, but also deprives other users of repurposing that technology.


Fortunately, Newtech Recycling’s ITAD services enable businesses of all kinds to rid themselves of unwanted tech in a way that is more responsible, more productive, and more profitable than simply throwing those devices away.


As the premier ITAD company in the Tri-State Area, Newtech Recycling offers the same level of customer satisfaction whether we’re recycling a single laptop or an entire data center. Don’t settle for anything less; contact Newtech Recycling today!

What is ITAD?

ITAD is short for “information technology asset disposition.” This refers to legally compliant, environmentally protective, and data-secure methods for decommissioning old, failed, or retired computer hardware and IT infrastructure.


Disposition should not be confused with disposal, although the two concepts do often go hand-in-hand. For the sake of accuracy, it’s important to recognize what the term “IT asset disposition” means: the transfer of property from one person or entity to another, with the goal of reusing and extending the life of IT assets as much as possible.

As one of the country’s leading IT asset disposal companies, Newtech Recycling offers a wide range of ITAD services, including information technology asset recovery, recycling, refurbishing, remarketing, and removal. Whatever your IT asset goals, Newtech Recycling has the experience, resources, and expertise to help you achieve them.

Remarketing IT Assets

Newtech Recycling stands apart from other companies offering IT asset recovery solutions Many ITAD companies say they’re willing to buy, refurbish, and resell your hardware, but then only cherry-pick certain items, leaving you to dispose of the rest or, even worse, charging you high recycling fees due to third party partnerships.


What makes Newtech Recycling different? We have our own state-of-the-art e-waste recycling facility. That means we can take all of your IT assets off your hands, regardless of their worth.


It also means that we are fully equipped to recycle the parts of your assets that no longer have value (due to being broken, malfunctioning, or antiquated) while recovering internal components that still retain significant market value. Newtech Recycling can also refurbish your old IT hardware for either resell or donation.


When you entrust your IT assets into the hands of Newtech Recycling, you can be confident that we will always get you the highest market value. You shouldn’t have to accept, or expect, anything less.

Close-up of IT hardware components networked together with yellow wires

ITAD Removal Service

Though Newtech Recycling is based in the Tri-State Area, we’re proud to offer nationwide ITAD removal services, even to businesses outside of our service areas.


Our ITAD logistical services can be customized to work to accommodate your business’s specific requirements, with uniquely bespoke de-installation, packing, palletizing, and asset removal options designed just for you. Alternatively, you can choose from a standardized box program, or even share a collection truck to save money.


Newtech Recycling’s logistics and ITAD management team provides serialized audits for all your IT assets awaiting disposal. We can collect IT assets from any and all office, warehouse, educational, and data center environments. If required, our ITAD logistics team can also pack and palletize your IT assets to ensure they are securely removed and not damaged during transport. 


Whatever you require, Newtech Recycling’s ITAD onsite removal technicians will be more than willing and able to help, so don’t hesitate to ask. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

IT Asset Disposal & Recycling

Newtech Recycling’s IT asset disposition service isn’t limited to just removal and remarketing; it covers every step of the recycling process. Our ITAD recycling system ensures that the most ecologically beneficial disposal methods are always deployed, while also guaranteeing data security through one of the most secure data destruction programs in the United States.


When it comes to recycling IT assets, Newtech Recycling’s ITAD engineers use a method known as demanufacturing. This has been proven to result in a higher level of reclamation than simple shredding, which is better for both the environment and the local economy.


As a state-authorized e-waste recycler, Newtech Recycling is capable of issuing a ‘recycling certificate’ for all your recycled IT assets, so you can demonstrate your compliance with all pertinent e-waste laws.

ITAD Support Management

As a socially responsible, ecologically ethical ITAD vendor, we here at Newtech Recycling place a special emphasis on supporting our clients’ individual needs. The aim of this personalized support is to help ensure all of your requirements are fully met, while also fulfilling all state and federal recycling and data protection regulations.


To this end, Newtech Recycling will appoint both a primary support contact and a regional service manager to your account. You will have direct access to these individuals 24/7. Their job is to identify your needs and walk you through each and every step of your ITAD project.

Enterprise ITAD Services

From banks and government departments and medical facilities and pharmaceutical industry offices, whatever your business, Newtech Recycling’s enterprise IT asset disposition solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of enterprise-level businesses.


Newtech Recycling is fully compliant with R2:2013 accreditation, ISO 14001, EPA registration and state authorization. We know that keeping up with ever-evolving data destruction regulations, like those found in SOX, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, state laws, and federal laws can be incredibly time-consuming and sometimes confusing.


Fortunately, Newtech Recycling can take care of all that for you via our enterprise IT asset disposition service. Custom-made to tackle the unique needs of large organizations, our corporate ITAD services offer everything from de-Installation and asset removal to on-site or off-site data destruction, plus a whole lot more.


No job is too big or complex or Newtech Recycling.

Secure ITAD

The term ‘secure information technology asset disposition’ or SITAD relates to both the Chain-of-Custody and the processes involved in destroying any data storage device e.g. computer hard drives, photocopier drives, backup tapes, CDs, DVDs, SSDs, and mobile drives. 


Newtech Recycling offers an uncompromising SITAD service. We securely destroy data in accordance with SOX, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA, FISMA, and FERPA regulations. Newtech Recycling’s SITAD clients have included government agencies, corporations, healthcare providers, financial institutions, law firms, pharmaceuticals, and many other entities.


In addition to offering off-site advanced data destruction, which includes shredding. Newtech Recycling also offers nationwide on-site hard drive, and media shredding services for every type of business. The Chain-of-Custody is always managed with meticulous care and precision; even our trucks are sealed and tracked via GPS.


With Newtech Recycling, you can rest easy knowing your data is in good hands.

Choose Newtech Recycling for All Your ITAD Service Needs

As a leading ITAD service provider, it is Newtech Recycling’s goal to either zero out the cost of recycling or pay you what you deserve for your company’s old IT assets. If you choose to simply recycle your hardware, then Newtech will gladly take your computers and laptops FREE of charge. Discounts also apply on high volumes, such as hard drive shredding and repeating projects.


Newtech Recycling has a phenomenal record in not just making its ITAD affordable but also in making it profitable for its many clients. Where applicable, a pre-agreed portion of the sales income will pay for any services provided e.g.: removal, remarketing, data destruction, and recycling. 


Remember: when you hire Newtech Recycling to manage your IT asset disposal and/or disposition, you are not merely hiring a consultant and their partners. Instead, you are working with a state-authorized, R2 certified ITAD single partner solution.


No one is better equipped to oversee your IT asset disposition projects than Newtech Recycling. Discover the difference for yourself; contact us today!

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