Our Mission

Every day, there are 416,000 mobile phones and 142,000 computers discarded. Up to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste (e-waste) is thrown away every year. While this waste accounts for only 2 percent of the waste in landfills, it is responsible for approximately 70 percent of landfill soil pollution. This reality is a major issue.

At Newtech Recycling, we realized that there are not enough companies equipped to handle the massive e-waste problem, so we have taken it upon ourselves to tackle this issue head-on. We a recycling company committed to the collection and responsible disposal of e-waste.

E-Waste Recycling

E-waste is the name given to certain electronic products that are no longer useful and in need of disposal. These items are harmful to the environment and need to be properly handled and discarded as waste. It is the heavy metal content contained in these products that is hazardous to the environment. Some of the items considered to be e-waste include:

  • Computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Televisions
  • Office equipment such as printers and copiers
  • Information and communications equipment

Newtech Recycling uses approved processes to recycle any and all types of e-waste products. We safely harvest recyclable elements and responsibly handle the toxic metals these items contain.

"A very reliable and ecologically sound IT asset disposition service... Newtech Recycling has been my data center hardware recycling and data destruction partner for over 5 years now. The staff know their stuff and more importantly they know what I expect. I have recycled everything from servers to racks using this company and I highly recommend them."


Whether your entity has old, outdated computers, out-of-commission copy machines, or complex IT infrastructures that need to be removed, Newtech Recycling will collect and dispose of all your business e-waste. You can get an estimate and schedule a pickup in minutes.

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At Newtech we recognize the responsibility that comes with handling a clients data. That is why we have a bulletproof data destruction process. All to ensure the removal and destruction of your data.

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Mobile Device Recycling

Mobile devices are the fastest growing area of the E-Waste stream of products due to the sheer volume of devices being thrown away daily. Consumers are often unaware of the toxic materials their old phones contain. Our company specializes in decommissioning phones and recycling them according to governmental regulations.

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Televisions are the most cumbersome and challenging form of E-waste to dispose of. Just like other forms of electronic waste, TVs contain harmful heavy metals (older CRT sets contain as much as eight pounds of lead). The various technology changes that televisions have undergone over the years make them a frequently discarded item. Newtech Recycling works with companies who have special CRT recycling equipment that safely disposes of every type of television.

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Our Approach

Newtech Recycling exists to service the business communities in PA, NY, NJ, and CT. We have the equipment and expertise to handle any amount of e-waste your company needs to have removed. We proudly serve clients in every industry, including IT, medical, aeronautics, manufacturing, R & D, and more.

Whether your business is large or small, Newtech Recycling is here to cater to all of your e-waste needs. Government regulations prohibit companies from irresponsibly disposing of these items. Make sure your company is in legal compliance by using a reputable company to collect and recycle your electronic waste products.

We are passionately committed to creating a better future for our world. Contact us to schedule your electronic recycling pickup.