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Newtech Recycling is an electronic waste and data destruction company that offers an extensive range of service options for its growing network of clients. From small scale business pick-ups to schools and municipal agencies to national collection programs, Newtech prides itself on the ability to customize services that are specific to what our clients need. Our team is flexible and attentive to design a system which will meet your needs and exceed your expectations-with a focus on the environment.

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Why Partner with NewTech?

At Newtech Recycling, it is part of our corporate structure to focus on the right environmental practices to insure a bright future.  We are proud of our 20+ years of environmental stewardship and continue to play an active role as a reputable and dependable electronic hardware recycling company.  Responsiveness, Speed and Efficiency are pillars of our operation.  We also recognize the responsibility that comes with the handling of our clients electronic material, the device data stored within it, and the need to  safely dispose of the hardware.  On your behalf, we will execute our processing flawlessly as part of our technological security and environmental integrity policies.

By partnering with NewTech, you will:

  • Get our teams commitment and dedication to keep you and the environment as the center of our focus
  • Have a partner who is licensed and certified to the highest environmental and safety standards
  • Be sure that the appropriate sanitization or shredding methods are being utilized to insure that all your data is destroyed and all toxic or hazardous material is being processed legally
  • Receive the proper reporting and recycling certificates for the material being processed
  • Have the ability to tour and audit our processing facility

Recycling Services for Businesses and Enterprises

Recycling Services for:

Corporate Cleanout Services

You know what we mean when we refer to tech recycling or IT disposal services. But what exactly do those services include?

TV Recycling

Televisions are being improved all the time, and because of this, people always have more reasons to get rid of their old ones. However, the flat-panel LCD televisions of today still contain heavy metals, such as lead, and mercury, that can pollute the ground if dumped into landfills. NewTech Recycling does its part to protect the environment from this kind of harm by recycling your old televisions safely and legally.

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Data Destruction

Data destruction is an especially important part of our recycling process because it is one of the only surefire methods of purging electronic data.

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Desktop Disposal

Every computer contains components that can significantly harm the environment when they leach into the landfills where they're discarded. Unfortunately, the damage those metals do to the earth can spread beyond the area of the landfill, polluting nearby groundwater and soil. You can help protect the environment by recycling your old computers properly with an e-waste recycling company such as NewTech.

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