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Secure Data Destruction Services

The risk of a data breach doesn’t end when you retire old computers, hard drives, servers, and other electronics. That’s why you need data destruction and IT recycling services after your equipment is no longer useful to your organization. 

At Newtech Recycling, we offer data destruction as well as IT hardware and server recycling as part of our corporate cleanout services.  We make it easy to find data destruction solutions that work for your business

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Hard Drive Disposal & Server Recycling

As technology advances, companies find themselves frequently updating their computers, hard drives, and other necessary electronics. But this leads to a big question: what do you do with old electronics that store sensitive information?  

When it comes to data destruction, the only surefire way to protect sensitive information is through a certified data destruction provider.  This way, you can guarantee your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands, and your e-waste stays out of the landfill. 

As a state-authorized, R2-licensed electronics recycler, Newtech Recycling helps you to recycle your IT hardware correctly, legally, and ethically.

Computer server in need of data destruction services and disposal

Certified Data Destruction Solutions

Newtech Recycling stands apart from other ITAD companies. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence of knowing that you and your organization are legally protected from the consequences of failing to dispose of your hard drives correctly.

Erasing Data is Not Enough

Erasing data from a hard drive does not guarantee protection. The only way to ensure your sensitive information, such as passwords and business secrets, cannot be accessed is if your hard drive is physically destroyed using military-grade methods. 

Our advanced data destruction process and hard drive shredding protects your sensitive information from all data recovery attempts. We permanently destroy all data from your hard drives and servers.

Industry-Leading Certified ITAD Company 

Newtech is one of the most experienced electronic waste and data destruction companies and we have the certifications to prove it. We are

  • R2 Certified
  • ISO 14001 Certified
  • ISO 45001 Certified
  • State Certified

If you need to recycle a cabinet of obsolete servers, an office full of outdated computers, or a box of company cell phones that’s ready for the scrap heap, we can help. Newtech Recycling offers organizations of any size the necessary assistance with data destruction, server recycling,  and all other forms of IT equipment disposal.

Whatever you need, Newtech Recycling will help you remove or simply collect old servers, hard drives, and electronic waste that are ready for disposal.

Areas We Serve

We currently offer IT hardware and data destruction services in the following states:

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