Disposing of old computers, hard drives, and other types of electronics raises two major concerns: data security and proper recycling. This is why we have devoted so much time and effort to perfecting our data destruction and tech recycling services here at Newtech Recycling. Everything we do takes into account the absolute need to destroy our customers’ data and recycle the electronic components in environmentally friendly ways.

The Newtech corporate office and processing plant are located in New Jersey, a state that in 2011 made it illegal to dispose of electronics in the trash. This fits in perfectly with our own philosophy that every obsolete electronic should be recycled in a manner that protects the earth and makes the future sustainable for our children and grandchildren.

To that end, we provide our customers with a suite of e-waste recycling services that guarantee the integrity of your private information and comply with state recycling laws.

Newtech is an NJDEP licensed facility serving the needs of businesses, schools, universities and municipalities within the State.  We are advocates for recycling and are members of ANJR (Association of NJ Recyclers) as well as ANJHHWC (Association of NJ Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators).  Newtech also serves as a resource to the State and other entities for the proper disposal of electronics.  Newtech spearheaded recycling law enhancements by testifying in front of the State Senate and Assembly Environmental committees as an industry representative.  The real world perspective of the recycling landscape within the State and the positive proactive solutions given to these committees, aided in the approval of new addendums.

Computer, Hard Drive and Server Recycling

There are two major prongs to our recycling process: data destruction and responsible recycling.

Our data destruction method involves blasting hard drives with an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. This undoes the magnetic fields that hold the binary sequences of data together on the hard drive, rendering the information virtually unreadable. As if that wasn’t enough, we then focus on the physical hard drive itself.

Hard drive shredding is our go-to option for physically dismantling hard drives. Think of a paper shredder, but for the hard plastic and metal components of a hard drive. When a hard drive comes out the other end of a shredder, it’s broken down into mangled pieces that can never be reassembled, much less read by prying eyes.

To make it convenient for you to get this all done with us, Newtech will come to your location and pick up your electronics. We even offer corporate cleanout services for office buildings looking to recycle all of their old electronics. Think about how many electronics, large and small, you can find in an office. Computers, faxes, copiers, printers, telephones–these are all staples of office life, and sooner or later, they get obsolete and need recycling.

Electronic Recycling in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of our major areas of operation, in addition to New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, the Tri-state area, and the New York metropolitan area. Whatever kind of IT disposal services you need in New Jersey, Newtech Recycling will be happy to handle it for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for hard drive shredding, data destruction, corporate cleanouts, and more. When you work with us, you help us build a better future for our shared environment.

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