At Newtech Recycling, we specialize in providing safe and responsible electronic recycling services for businesses, schools, universities and municipalities within New Jersey. We are advocates for recycling and are members of ANJR (Association of NJ Recyclers) as well as ANJHHWC (Association of NJ Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators)

With our expertise and commitment to environmental sustainability, we offer comprehensive solutions for the disposal of old electronics, office equipment, and other electronic devices. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in New Jersey.

Electronics recycling in New Jersey

Safe & Responsible IT Recycling in NJ

In accordance with New Jersey laws and regulations, proper disposal of electronic waste is mandatory to protect the environment and public health. As an R2-certified and state-authorized e-waste recycler, Newtech Recycling meets and exceeds all legal requirements for the collection, handling, and management of e-waste in New Jersey.

By choosing Newtech Recycling, you can be confident that your business is in compliance with all applicable regulations and that your e-waste is being handled responsibly. Our state-authorized status ensures that we are authorized to collect, transport, and manage e-waste in a manner that is safe, secure, and environmentally friendly. You won’t find better electronics recycling in New Jersey than Newtech.

Authorized ITAD Services and Solutions

As an authorized IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service provider in New Jersey, we offer comprehensive solutions for the management and disposition of your IT assets. Our ITAD services include asset tracking, auditing, data destruction, remarketing, and environmentally friendly recycling.

Our team works closely with your business to develop tailored ITAD solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need assistance with the secure disposal of outdated equipment or the responsible management of your IT assets, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all efficiently and effectively.

Cell phone recycling in NJ

Electronic Devices We Recycle 

At Newtech Recycling, we accept a wide range of electronic devices for recycling, including but not limited to the following products:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Servers and networking equipment
  • Printers, scanners, and copiers
  • Monitors and displays
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Televisions and audiovisual equipment
  • Office equipment and peripherals
  • Electronic cables and accessories
  • Lab and medical equipment

Hard Drive Shredding & Data Destruction 

Protecting sensitive data is crucial in today’s digital world. Don’t let passwords and sensitive company information fall into the wrong hands. At Newtech Recycling, we prioritize safeguarding your personal information through our secure hard drive shredding and data destruction services. Our certified processes ensure the complete destruction of data stored on hard drives, preventing unauthorized access or potential data breaches.

Other Areas We Serve

We are proud to provide licensed and certified electronic recycling to the entire state of New Jersey from our NJDEP-licensed facility. In addition to e-waste services in NJ, we also serve Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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