As new technologies come out and old ones become out-dated, many people end up having to get rid of old electronics frequently. However, many don’t think about what happens to all the obsolete technology that they don’t need. In the past, items like computers and old copiers would be tossed into landfills, releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. If you’re a resident of New York state, you might already be familiar with recycling regulations. New York is one of the many states that have made the switch to legally require its residents to recycle their electronics. 

Recycling your old electronics doesn’t have to require any extra work on your part. Thanks to states like New York, we’re able to help keep toxic waste out of landfills and recycle materials from old electronics. Newtech Recycling provides ethical recycling for corporate and residential electronics that make it easy for you to get rid of unwanted devices and equipment. We offer a variety of services to give you an easy way to safely recycle any old electronics.

Recycle your unwanted electronics

Electronics might be safe while they’re in use in homes or offices, but they can become dangerous when thrown out along with regular trash. E-waste, like a broken desktop computer, can seep these toxic chemicals into the soil, water, and even the air. When you recycle your electronics with Newtech, you can be sure that your devices won’t be doing any harm to the environment. 

Electronics can also contain raw materials that shouldn’t be wasted just because they aren’t being used. With tech recycling, we can help ensure that any parts of old electronics that are still usable can be utilized to create new devices. Not only does this prevent these materials from sitting in a landfill, but it also decreases the number of new materials that will need to be used in the future.

Keep your information protected

In addition to recycling, we also provide services to wipe the memory of any device. Hard drive destruction isn’t something you should try to do on your own. Do-it-yourself methods can’t successfully destroy a hard drive, which will put any of your stored information at risk. For this, you should trust Newtech to destroy hard disk data. 

Many who have electronics that are in good working condition choose to donate, rather than recycle. In this case, you need to be sure that none of your important data is left where others can access it. Our services can help remove your information from devices so that you can feel safe donating old electronics.

Easy electronics collections and removal

Just because electronics require special recycling, doesn’t mean it’s hard to access. With Newtech’s removal services, you don’t have to worry about going out of your way to recycle. We have access to trucks for easy pick up from wherever in New York you need. 

For larger electronics, you might not be able to handle moving it out of a home or office on your own. If you’re unable to remove heavy electronics yourself, our services can help remove it. Our removal and collection services are available for whatever you might need, whether you’re dropping devices off or need us to come and get them for you.

Responsible tech recycling in New York

We all have a duty to help protect the environment from dangers like e-waste and Newtech strives to make doing this easy. New York residents need to have an electronics recycling service that they can rely on. Newtech Recycling is happy to be able to provide these services throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We can help ensure that you’re disposing of your old electronics legally and ethically.

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