At Newtech Recycling, we are proud of the good we are able to produce through the process of recycling electronic waste for our customers. All at once, we take your old electronics off your hands, permanently eliminate the data they contain, and recycle the hardware without abusing the environment. It’s all done according to the laws of the states where we operate.

For years, our recycling process has been driving us to succeed in our industry. It’s what has made us the go-to source for e-waste tech recycling in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, the Tri-state area, and the New York metropolitan area.

Given the importance of what we do every day, it will be beneficial for us to detail what exactly our recycling process involves. We want you, our customers, to be confident knowing that your electronics are being handled properly once you give them to us.

Recycling Process

Newtech’s recycling process involves numerous distinct steps.

1. Logistical Planning

As in any large-scale operation, the first step is and should be logistical planning. Because we travel all over our service areas to pick up electronics, we always need to have a plan in place first for how to do it efficiently. Once you tell us what kinds of electronics you need to recycle, we plan out the logistics of picking them up and wiping their data according to your needs.

2. Electronic Pickup

We maintain a fleet of trucks and work with various national shipping partners to ensure we can always meet the requirements of customers who want electronic recycling pickup at their location. Depending on the types of electronics you are recycling, transporting your materials to us on your own can become tricky or impossible. Not to worry: we can come to you on your schedule, at a time that works for you.

3. Corporate Cleanout

One part of the recycling process that many of our business customers appreciate is our corporate cleanout service. If you need an entire office building of obsolete electronics cleared out and safely disposed of, Newtech has you covered. Our corporate electronic recycling includes all considerations for the decommissioning, handling, packing, and destruction of your hardware. As expected, this includes logistical planning for moving your goods from your office to our recycling plants. No matter the scale of your cleanout project, Newtech can provide what you need.

4. Inventory and Test

As a customer of ours, you can request that we provide you with an itemized inventory of every electronic we have received from you. The list you get from us includes the item manufacturer, model, serial number, and asset number so you can account for every item you submitted.

5. Data Destruction

You can manually delete all the files on a hard drive yourself, but the information is still recoverable. But when we say we engage in data destruction before recycling, we mean it.

6. Hard Drive Shredding

Some people try to destroy their hard drives by drilling holes in them or submerging them in water, but these methods do not guarantee destruction of a drive’s readability. That’s why Newtech Recycling offers hard drive shredding services to our customers. The shredders work just like paper shredders, but of course on a more powerful level. A hard drive that goes through one of our shredders comes out the other end torn into pieces and definitely unable to be salvaged.

7. Electronic Recycling

Following the destruction of the sensitive information contained within your hardware, we finally move on to the recycling portion of the process, which we conduct in our facility that’s been permitted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Our recycling equipment separates the electronic components from the materials that would harm the environment if they were buried underground. These include lead, cadmium, and chromium. We separate all the raw materials from your electronics by type–aluminum, copper, glass, plastic, etc. We then reintroduce these elements to the manufacturing industry to be used all over again as feed stock. You can see, then, how the benefits of our recycling process are threefold: we securely eliminate your electronics, keep hazardous chemicals out of the earth, and produce new raw materials for manufacturers to use. In this way, we keep the earth’s natural resources cycling over and over again.

8. Certificate of Recycling

Finally, know that you will receive a certificate of recycling from us for all the electronics you gave us to recycle. The certificate guarantees to you that we recycled everything in the safest, most environmentally friendly way. It is our promise to you that we did our part to conserve the environment for future generations.

Electronic Recycling You Can Depend On

We are happy to inform our customers about our e-waste recycling process because we want you to be able to trust us to dispose of your electronics in the right ways. We appreciate the trust our clients have in us, and we work hard every day to deliver what you expect of us.

Contact us or call 732-564-3110 to get a quote for your recycling project. We will set up a plan that works for you. We look forward to working with you to build a better tomorrow for all of us!

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