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Modern Cell Phone & Tablet Recycling Services

Cell phone and tablet technologies are always improving, which leads people and businesses to upgrade their mobile devices much more frequently. Fortunately, many cell phone companies will allow you to trade in your unwanted mobile phones, but what do you do with the items they won’t take? 

Unfortunately, while upgrading cell phones and tablets is easy, proper electronics disposal can be more complicated, especially when you’re looking to dispose of electronics in bulk. At Newtech Recycling, we make it easy to dispose of old cell phones, tablets, and other unwanted mobile devices safely and responsibly.

Looking for corporate cell phone recycling? We’ve got you covered.


Old Cell Phone and Tablet Disposal

If you’re cleaning out the supply closet’s horde of old phones, tablets, pagers, and other outdated electronics, you can’t just take them to the landfill. Many areas have laws in place regarding e-waste, and you can face serious legal repercussions for improper disposal of electronic devices. 

If you have an abundance of mobile devices you need to get rid of, call Newtech Recycling. Our fully authorized and R2 Certified collection and disposal services can properly recycle old phones and tablets within the tri-state area. When you call us, we will safely dispose of your e-waste following the standards set by the EPA. 

When you recycle your e-waste with us, you accomplish two things: you ensure proper data disposal and help keep hazardous materials out of the environment.

An old tablet with a smashed glass screen

Easily Recycle Cell Phones, Tablets, and Other Devices 

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Smart watches
  • Charging cables and bricks
  • Wireless chargers 
  • Bluetooth headphones 
  • Pagers
  • Digital cameras 
  • Video game consoles
  • Scientific calculators 

Selling Company Tablets and Devices

In addition to our disposal services, we sometimes pick up used – but modern and scratch-free – Android and iPad tablets. We can use their value to offset the cost of recycling devices that have no resale value. Provided the tablets are in excellent working condition and run all the latest operating systems and other software, we will consider buying them, so remember this when you are about to junk your old mobile electronics.

Safe and Secure Phone & Tablet Recycling

Are you a school, business, or institution looking for easy and effective ways to get rid of old cell phones, tablets, and other outdated or unwanted mobile devices? Newtech Recycling can help. We are R2-certified and state-authorized to collect and manage e-waste in New Jersey, New York (including NYC and Long Island), Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

When looking for proper cell phone recycling, it’s important to protect your personal data. Modern phones contain just as much sensitive data as computers, if not more. Between your emails, passwords, and contacts, our phones are a hub of personal information. 

However, deleting files and formatting the phone or tablet’s memory does not ensure information is permanently erased. At Newtech Recycling, we guarantee all personal and professional files and data held on your old device will never be read again. Whether you’re looking to recycle or sell unwanted devices, we eliminate the risk of data security breaches.

Areas We Serve

We currently offer cell phone and tablet recycling services in the following states:

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