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Modern TV Recycling Services

With the affordability of modern televisions, it’s easier now than ever to buy the latest and greatest. But as homes and businesses upgrade their entertainment systems more frequently, that leaves a lot of old televisions lying around. 

Unfortunately, while upgrading tvs is easy, proper disposal of old televisions is more complicated, especially old CRT TVs. At Newtech Recycling, we make tv removal and disposal easy for anyone looking for modern tv recycling services.

Looking for a modern TV recycler? You’ve come to the right place.


Old Television Removal and Disposal

When it comes time to get rid of old television sets, you can’t just take them to the landfill. Many areas have laws in place regarding e-waste, and you can face legal repercussions for improper disposal of tvs and other electronic equipment.

So, how do you get rid of your broken or outdated TVs? Call Newtech Recycling. We are a fully authorized and R2 Certified TV recycler with collection and disposal services within the tri-state area. When you call us, we do all the heavy lifting and safely dispose of your e-waste following the standards set by the EPA.

An old television model that needs to be recycled

Television Recycling Made Easy

  • LED or LCD TVs
  • CRT televisions
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Plasma TVs
  • Smart TVs
  • Projectors

  • VCRs
  • Portable DVD players
  • Portable TVs
  • Remote controls
  • TV antennas
  • Cables and connectors

  • Surge protectors
  • In-dash DVD players
  • Cable boxes
  • TiVO boxes 
  • Streaming sticks/devices
  • DVD/Blu-Ray players

Environmentally-Friendly TV Recycling 

Are you a school, business, or institution looking for easy and effective ways to get rid of old TVs, projectors, and other electronic media equipment? Newtech Recycling can help. We are an R2-certified and state-authorized TV recycler that can collect and manage e-waste in New Jersey, New York (including NYC and Long Island), Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.


When looking for proper TV removal and disposal services, find a company that will handle your e-waste and personal data responsibly. TVs, like other electronic devices, are manufactured using toxic heavy metals, plastics, and other toxins. If not disposed of properly, these materials can pose a serious pollution risk. 

At Newtech, our TV disposal process involves both proper disposal and recycling and reusable components found within your old televisions. Our process is better for you and the environment.

Areas We Serve

We currently offer television recycling and disposal services in the following states:

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