Landfills in America are being contaminated by massive amounts of electronic waste, or e-waste. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that e-waste is the fastest-growing municipal waste stream in America. For some perspective: on the global level, there are as many as 50 million metric tons of e-waste disposed of annually. Only 12.5 percent of this waste is recycled.


Electronics, such as TVs, printers, and computers, should not be thrown away with regular trash. Not only is it harmful to the environment, it’s also illegal. In 2007, Connecticut adopted an Electronics Recycling Law concerning the recycling of e-waste. Under this CT e-waste law, residents of Connecticut have to find responsible means of disposing of electronic waste. As of 2011, CT banned covered electronic devices (CED) from being thrown away in the trash.

Connecticut Recycling Regulations

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environment Protection (DEEP) provides information to consumers regarding the proper disposal of electronic waste, including free CT recycling drop-off locations. 


When it comes to electronics recycling in CT, Newtech Recycling is a CT-DEEP Approved Recycler for the State programs in Connecticut.  We are proud of this designation as it verifies to our clients that we have completed an intensive review of our operation, processes, procedures, flow of materials and our downstream vendors.  We value partnership with the CT-DEEP and work closely with them to make frequent improvements and enhancements to our Connecticut recycling program.  


This approval, coupled with our certifications, make us a perfect choice for the e-waste recycling needs of CT residents and businesses. Each day we have a fleet of trucks throught the state collecting e-waste and other materials and bringing them to our processing plant to be recycled the right way.

What Is Considered E-Waste?

The term “e-waste” refers to electronic items that have reached the end of their lives. These products range from mobile phones, computers, and office equipment to televisions and stereos.


Connecticut state laws prohibit manufacturers from selling any electronics that are not in compliance with DEEP regulations. The regulations also require manufacturers to provide e-waste recycling data to their customers.


The products defined as e-waste contain harmful heavy metals that are cause for environmental concern. Metals such as lead, beryllium, cadmium, and chromium pose a direct threat to the environment. While e-waste makes us only 2 percent of the waste in landfills, it is responsible for approximately 70 percent of the hazardous waste.


Proper electronics recycling in CT and beyond is necessary to curb the environmental impact of such hazardous waste.

old tv

Mobile Device CT Recycling 

Mobile phone manufacturers push to make previous models of their devices obsolete as rapidly as possible in an extremely competitive marketplace. This practice results in technical obsolescence and items that are expected to become damaged shortly after being purchased if they are not protected by cases and screen protectors.


The daily disposal of mobile phones is said to be somewhere in the ballpark of 416,000 devices. In addition to the toxic materials mentioned previously, mobile phones also contain mercury, arsenic, and brominated flame retardant. All of these materials are harmful to the environment. 


Newtech Recycling is dedicated to properly processing and disposing of these toxins to reduce the number of cell phones and other mobile devices being buried in landfills and harming the earth.


In Connecticut, recycling your cell phone is just as easy as replacing your device.

Computer Recycling in CT

With the high turnover rate of business technology and the consumer demand to upgrade to faster systems, computers account for a vast majority of items discarded as e-waste. In fact, about 142,000 computers are disposed of on a daily basis. 


Computers contain many components that have an adverse effect on the environment when placed in the ground, and recycling helps keep these harmful materials out of landfills and water sources.

Another concern about discarding these items lies in the sensitive data contained within them. With our hard drive shredding service, residents can safely and securely recycle their computers in Connecicut without having to worry about their sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

TV Recycling in CT

Like with cell phones, improvements to television technology and cost means that people replace their TVs at a high rate. Selling your old television is sometimes an option, but for those with obsolete or damaged TVs, that’s not going to be an option. 


In most areas, including Connecticut, you cannot simply place your television on the curb and have it picked up with your residential waste, or throw it in your company’s dumpster. This often leads to the improper disposal of TVs, which is an environmental concern due to their toxic heavy metals such as chromium, lead, cadmium, and mercury.


When it comes to tv recycling ct, getting rid of your broken or unwanted television is easy. At Newtech Recycling, we offer responsible Electronics Recycling in Connecticut and can properly dispose of both CRT and flat screen televisions.

Certified E-Waste CT Recyling Service

As a certified recycler of e-waste in Connecticut, Newtech Recycling specializes in recycling all forms of e-waste, including but not limited to:


If you are a business in Connecticut and have products you need to dispose of, and you want to do so responsibly, contact Newtech Recycling to schedule an appointment. We will come to you, haul away your hardware, and make sure it is recycled in a safe, legal, and sustainable way.

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