Long gone are the days when you could throw away e-waste from your data centers or hand it to any garbage service. Most businesses know that recycling old hardware is necessary, but not as many know that responsibly selling their waste is an option. The key to a successful selling process is contacting a dependable ITAD vendor.

Information technology asset disposition — commonly shortened to ITAD — is the business of safely discarding any unwanted IT equipment. When looking for these recycling services, you’ll tend to see that they come along with asset recovery services. Asset recovery refers to the buying, refurbishing, and reselling of your unused IT equipment.

Regardless of the amount of equipment you have, selling your old hardware can bring many benefits. Here’s a look at some of the most compelling.

More Money for Your Business

The most enticing part of selling your used IT equipment is that you’ll get money for things you don’t need anymore. You can put the money you receive for your electronics towards new hardware — an instant benefit to your company’s bottom line. If you don’t need new hardware, you can allocate the money to any other area of your company.

Michael Outar with Savebly always sells his old IT equipment to help upgrade his business’ tech. “One of the main reasons you should sell your used IT equipment is to get some money back that you put into the item. Tech equipment loses value fast because the industry releases new products and innovations quickly so you most likely won’t be able to get back your full money back or anything close to it but something is better than nothing.”

The selling process isn’t the only financial benefit. If you still use your old IT equipment, selling it and buying new hardware reduces losses from repairs and poor productivity.

Increase Your Efficiency

Not only can you avoid losing money on repairs, but selling e-waste can help your company perform better all around.

  •             Save time. One of the most frustrating problems with outdated electronics is that they’re prone to slow loading and crashing. Loading time may not seem like a big deal, but you must remember that when time is money, every second counts.
  •             Free up space. Why let unused electronics take up space in your storage when you can get paid for disposing of them? If you downsize or move, it’s especially important to get rid of dead weight.
  •             Meet your needs. As your business grows and technology evolves, you’ll eventually need upgrades. Often, outdated tech can’t offer you the security and features that your workers and customers expect.

If you decide to improve your efficiency with better electronics, selling your old hardware can allow you to buy the latest technology.

Olivia Tan, Co-founder CocoFax, shared “The key reason I sold my used IT assets was because they were outdated. By upgrading old equipment to newer equipment, I was able to improve the performance of my machines.”

Achieve Data Security

Before you seek asset disposition services — especially for server recycling— you need to understand the importance of achieving total data security.

Most information on hardware from data centers or elsewhere is confidential, meaning your business can face serious consequences if you don’t properly dispose of it. Simply turning the waste over to a recycling company is insufficient if you can’t guarantee it will destroy the data. 

To comply with data disposal laws, you can sell your IT equipment to a company committed to data security. At Newtech, we offer data deletion and hardware shredding alongside asset disposition and recovery services.

Protect the Environment

Electronics can contain hazardous substances that leach into water and soil. For this reason, the law requires you to recycle electronic waste properly. Goran with Cusmin told us, “Throwing it into the trash is not an option. There are always some who need even the old items.”

When you can’t upcycle electronics, selling them to an ecologically responsible ITAD vendor allows you to meet these requirements while enjoying the benefits of asset recovery.

While it’s true that turning parts in for recycling also protects the environment, getting money for reducing your impact is a win-win situation.

Asset Recovery Offers Easy Disposal

No matter the amount of equipment you have to sell, disposing of e-waste shouldn’t have to be painful. However, certain companies may make the process tricky by being overly selective with the pieces they wish to buy or not being clear during the asset recovery process. As you would with any other service, make sure the company you do business with is credible.

Eoin Piggott, Data Security Expert & Business Development Associate at Wisetek, shared some insight on this. “Many old computers, laptops, phones and tablets can be sold or recycled for parts. You can also enlist the help of a registered and qualified ITAD Service Provider. ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition. E-Waste and pollution is becoming more and more of a problem so now more than ever it is vital that we properly dispose of our old IT Equipment properly and securely.”

You can ensure your selling process is easy and law-abiding by seeking an ITAD vendor with an r2 recycling certification. For Newtech Recycling, an r2 certificate means a commitment to a safe and secure asset disposition service for all parties involved, meaning your electronic parts won’t end up sitting in another country’s landfill.

Sell Your Used IT Equipment Today

For companies seeking true data security, the bottom line is simple: asset recovery services make your life easier. 

Ready to get rid of your old IT equipment? Contact Newtech Recycling today to free up some space in your office.