Before you recycle business computer hardware, you should know how essential data disposal is. The storage media within your computers contains confidential information from your operations, employees, and customers. Should these files fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be disastrous.

When a professional service destroys the drive of your computer, you no longer have to worry about unauthorized users accessing the confidential information. Read on to learn more about data protection and the benefits of destruction services.

The Realities of Deleting Files Yourself

Data disposal can cost more time and effort than many realize. The methods available to you within your office or home — such as wiping the computer — are often insufficient since certain technology can recover the data. 

April Maccario, founder of Ask April, reiterated our point here. “Simply deleting your data does not make it unrecoverable or unsecured; it may still be recovered and exploited.”

Things can get even more complicated with server recycling since your servers are housing sensitive information from several sources. Deleting all of this information yourself can be very time-consuming. Using a destruction service ensures that your data is unrecoverable and that you’re not wasting your time on an unreliable method.

Comply with Data Protection and Privacy Laws

Even if your hardware doesn’t have business documents on it, chances are some of your storage media has information about employees, customers, or management. 

As most businesses know, strict laws surround what you can do with this information. It’s important to make sure documents are unrecoverable not only because of safety but also because these laws extend into deletion regulations. 

Alex Claro with Credit Donkey shared with us, “It is not only advantageous for organizational considerations, but it is also a legal need for enterprises to dispose of data properly. As a way of keeping compliance with federal privacy legislation rules, data must be completely erased from your computer systems and servers after a specific amount of time, and the process of destroying data must go beyond just dumping files in your desktop’s trash bin.”

If you even unknowingly violate these regulations, your business could face some serious legal trouble. 

Avoid the Backlash from Stolen Information

The consequences of poor document protection stretch far beyond legal trouble or expensive penalties.

Eduard Klein, digital growth specialist, stressed the importance of this. “We must understand that business data, may it be about the business entity or their clients, should not be leaked to another person or entity. Doing such may ruin the reputation of the business and might put them in a problematic situation such as being sued because of negligence to keep client’s information confidential.”

Every state has laws that require businesses to notify their customers when they have a security breach of personally identifiable information. On top of answering to the law, your company will have to hold itself accountable to your consumers as well.

Not only can this event cause a loss of customers — and a significant loss of sales — but you may also receive negative publicity when news websites or blogs hear of the breach. The loss of potential customers may be even greater than the loss of current customers if your files fall into the wrong hands.

Regardless of the impact on your image or sales, a data breach is a serious concern for your customers. Nobody wants to worry about a stranger having their sensitive information; both you and your customers deserve to know that confidential files will be kept confidential. Using a professional service brings assurance that you can’t get through other information deletion methods.

Build Your Company’s Credibility

The number of companies that have breaches due to poor data protection is no secret to consumers; many people are disappointed with how carelessly businesses handle their private information. A business that can prove that it prioritizes security will stand out among the many that aren’t, making proof of professional data deletion a credit to your company.

Thinking about data protection from your customers’ perspectives can be helpful when deciding whether to use a deletion service or not. Stolen records are usually a costly affair for businesses, but many can bounce back. On the other hand, your customers may not be able to forgive you if you irresponsibly recycle business computer hardware. 

In short, it’s in a company’s best interest to build a dependable image when it comes to customers’ information.

Certification of Destruction Offers Peace of Mind

With all the dangers surrounding incorrect data disposal, it can seem like a nerve-wracking process. Even with tips on how to protect your data before you get rid of your computer, sometimes you may not be sure if you’ve truly wiped all files. 

However, using a professional service committed to protecting your information can ease many of the fears a business may have when recycling electronics.

When a trustworthy company destroys the drive of your computer, they may give you a certification of destruction. Allan N. Buxton, director of forensics at SecureData, told us that recieving a certification of destruction is the only way he truly feels confident that his business information is protected. “Most commercial services will even offer documentation and certification of its destruction, when the destruction of truly sensitive data has to be accounted for.” At Newtech, this certification of destruction means no one can recover your information — a guarantee your electronic documents won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Protect Your Information with Newtech Recycling

There are many services where a professional touch can make the difference between a job well done or a disaster, and data deletion is one of them.

Don’t unauthorized individuals use or steal your electronic documents. Contact Newtech Recycling today to learn more about our data disposal services.