As a business owner, you have many responsibilities. You’re responsible for your product. You’re responsible for your employees. And you’re responsible to your customers. Today, though, one responsibility in particular is on a lot of people’s minds: the preservation of the environment. We all share the same world, so it’s important we do our best to take care of it.

That’s why Newtech Recycling exists. Our mission as a hardware recycling company is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in as ethical, reliable, affordable, and environmentally safe a manner as possible.

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is one of the most harmful forms of pollution threatening the world today. That’s because of the high number of toxic materials used in the manufacture of computer hardware, copy and fax machines, mobile devices, and the like. At Newtech Recycling, we keep those poisons out of landfills and instead break them down into reusable component parts that can be introduced back into the manufacturing process for the creation of newer, better products.

Green computer recycling isn’t the only way your business can be eco-friendly, though. Here are five suggestions for ways you can update your company’s tech in an environmentally conscious way.

1. Go Paperless

Although e-waste environmental pollution is one of the biggest issues facing eco-minded businesses today, it’s not the only one. They might not be quite as toxic, but paper products are still one of the most common pollutants in the world.

Atta Ur Rehman with Qaleen told us the multiple benefits of going paperless. “The future is paperless! With the advancement in technology and the introduction of a more digital workplace, the use of paper is decreased which not only reduces waste but also cuts down the company expenses”

As a business owner, you know how much paper a company can go through in a single day: interoffice memos, client mailers, financial records, productivity reports, and so much more. All that paper uses up a lot of trees and creates a lot of waste, and in this day and age, none of it is necessary. Using digital databases and email instead is a small change that goes a long way.

2. Use Cloud Storage

Once you’ve decided to take your business paperless, you might be ready to go one step further by replacing on-site hard drives with cloud storage. Owning and maintaining dedicated physical servers and external backups can be expensive, but it’s also complicated, tedious, and takes up a lot of real-world office space that could be better utilized.

For company IT professionals, the rise of cloud storage has been a dream come true. Let Newtech Recycling help with your old server disposal, so that you can switch to a cloud storage service customized to your specific needs.

3. Try 3D Printing

For businesses involved in the production of physical goods, one of the greatest revolutions in recent years has been the wide availability of 3D printing technology. Whereas traditional production methods start with a solid block of raw material—such as metal or plastic—and then essentially “carve” a product out of it, 3D printing works the opposite way. It builds up a product as a series of individual layers.

Tom Winter with Dev Skiller agreed that 3D printing is a great way to go green. “You can use (3D printers) to decorate your office space with objects printed out of recycled plastic. Not to mention how practical and cost-effective it is to 3D print your own mugs, plates, cutlery and whatever else you can think of. “

3D printing also makes it easier for goods to be produced in smaller batches as needed, meaning you won’t be left with a warehouse full of overstock to be sold at a loss later. The result is less resource use and an overall smaller environmental footprint.

4. Work Remotely

Sharon Van Donkelaar with Expandi brought up a fairly simple csolution to going green.. “Send everyone home. This reduces emissions drastically and has never been more obvious since the pandemic where air quality is at an all time high all around the world. Try working remotely at least 3 days per week and ideally full-time.”

One thing that your business always needs is office space. Or do you? Obviously, every company needs a physical mailing address and, depending on what products or services you offer, some aspects definitely require on-site supervision. But every business likely has at least one entire department—if not more—whose employees could function just as well working from home as in a labyrinth of cubicles.

Numerous online applications allowing for real-time project collaborations, and video chat makes even face-to-face meetings possible from a distance. Keeping fewer employees on-site means saving money on rent, utilities, and supplies like office desktop computers, and lowering CO2 emissions by eliminating unnecessary daily commutes.


5. Switch Energy Sources

Every flick of the light switch and every hum of a booting computer requires one thing: electricity. But conventional energy sources generate electricity at power plants that burn huge amounts of fossil fuels every day. That’s why being more energy efficient should be a priority for any company interested in going green.

Emily Deaton with Let Me Bank agrees that switching your energy source is a great way to go green. “Another piece of technology that can help businesses go green: solar panels. While this option may seem expensive initially, solar panels are cost-efficient long-term and can save money on your energy bills.”

Simply taking the time to look at alternative energy providers can make a major difference. Not only are renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and hydroelectric dams cleaner, but they’re also significantly cheaper. Best of all, if you’re interested in making your business more self-reliant, installing solar panels allows you to generate your own energy with little need for middle men.

Eliminate E-Waste with Newtech Recycling

There are many ways to do business cleanly and safely, but secure e-waste disposal remains an ongoing concern for companies of all sizes. Too few facilities have the equipment necessary to recycle office electronics properly. That’s where Newtech Recycling comes in. At our EPA-certified headquarters, we make sure your old computers, copiers, mobile phones, and other devices are handled in accordance with all electronic recycling laws.

Newtech Recycling offers e-waste removal and collection services in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Contact us today for a quote. Let’s work together to protect this world for future generations.