Nothing lasts forever. That’s as true for computers, photocopiers, and other office equipment as it is for anything else. At Newtech Recycling, we know that getting rid of a broken desktop computer or an obsolete fax machine isn’t as easy as throwing away a soda can.


Electronics contain all kinds of toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. With more than 50 million metric tons of electronic waste (or e-waste) thrown out each year, it’s, unfortunately, no surprise that such dangerous materials account for 70% of all landfill soil pollution.

Still, not everyone knows where to recycle old technology. And because office equipment takes up so much space, it’s easy to feel pressured to dispose of it as quickly as possible. But quick doesn’t have to mean careless. So, What do you do with your old office technology? For outdated electronics that are still useful, you can donate or sell your tired tech. For less salvageable items, proper disposal is not only important; it’s required by law.

Here is a helpful guide to assist you in proper office equipment disposal practices so you can get rid of your unwanted office equipment without contributing to e-waste environmental pollution.

A blue recycling bin filled with old computer equipment on a cloud background

1. Erase Personal Information Before You Recycle Office Equipment

Before donating or recycling any IT equipment, it’s important to protect yourself. Think all your sensitive personal information is safe just because you put it into the Recycle Bin? Think again. Passwords, photos, audio files, spreadsheets, banking information, and much more can live on your hard drive long after being deleted.

Before you throw away a potential treasure trove of personal data, it’s important to ensure your information is fully expunged. Backup important documents on a separate hard drive first. Then, delete everything stored on your computer, including everything in the Recycle Bin. Next, sign out of and delete any active logins, deactivate Bluetooth device pairings, and erase your online history and cookies. When finished, perform a complete factory reset to transform your drive back into the same blank slate it was when you bought it.

Even then, with enough work, a skilled hacker could still reconstruct your data. For extra protection, Newtech Recycling’s computer destruction service will expose your disk to an electromagnetic pulse, rendering it permanently incapable of recording information. Afterward, we put the whole thing through an industrial shredder, ensuring that your security will never be threatened.

2. Donate Working Equipment to Charities

Patrick O’Kane with Media Works shared with us that before looking into office equipment disposal, you should exhaust all options to repurpose it. “Before throwing any equipment away, consider how much usage it could still have. Could you find another use in your business or donate to somebody who may need it? Preventing waste should be your first thought, although sometimes equipment does reach the end of its lifecycle.”

Just because your office needs have outpaced the abilities of your current tech, that doesn’t mean others can’t still find a use for it. Before recycling old copiers, computers, or other IT equipment, consider giving them to someone who needs them instead.

You probably won’t have to look too hard to find a new home for your old electronics. Senior organizations and recreation centers in your local area are a good start, and charity groups and other nonprofits are usually more than happy to take any donations you can provide. If you’re having trouble doing it yourself, there are a number of programs specifically created to help technology donors and seekers find one another. Examples include the World Computer Exchange, Techsoup, Computers with Causes, and The American Cell Phone Drive.

Not only does donating electronics help countless individuals, schools, and communities less fortunate, but most donations are tax deductible. Who said doing good deeds has to go unrewarded?

A person holding a cardboard box filled with old computers and office equipment for donation

3. Use a Certified E-Waste Office Equipment Recycling Company

When old office technology is beyond repair, the only option left is to junk it. And considering the highly toxic materials that can be released into the environment through improper e-waste disposal, in many cases, the only safe and legal way to junk old electronics is to recycle them.

Martin Seeley from Mattress Next Day told us they always use a recycling company for proper e-waste disposal. “When disposing of office equipment, trashing should not be an option anymore. Aside from it [being]  illegal, it is also harmful to the environment. A good alternative [to] trashing is recycling. Recycling office equipment has a lot of benefits such as environmental protection and tax deduction.”

Still, recycling computers, photocopiers, phones, and other devices is a complicated process. When looking for an office equipment recycling company, choose a local company that has the experience and certification that prove that all e-waste disposal will be handled properly. 

Newtech Recycling is an experienced, certified recycling company with a thorough knowledge of e-waste laws and an equally thorough recycling procedure that will turn unwanted electronics into raw materials to be reused to manufacture brand-new products.

At our New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection-approved facility, recycling office equipment separates useful electronic components from waste materials that would be harmful if placed in a landfill. We then separate components by material type (aluminum, copper, glass, plastic, etc.) so they can be reintroduced into the manufacturing industry later. This prevents poisonous substances from seeping into the soil and creates more resources that will be available to help make newer, better versions of the tech you need. Who knows: your next desktop computer might be made from parts of your old one!

Recycle Office Equipment and Corporate E-Waste with Newtech

Newtech Recycling prides itself on being there for our clients who need to dispose of computers, hard drives, cell phones, and other devices safely and responsibly. If you’re looking for help with electronics recycling in NJ, NY, CT, or PA, Newtech Recycling is here to provide you with peace of mind and full assurance that you’re doing your part to preserve the environment for future generations.

Looking to recycle old office equipment? Contact us today to get a quote on your e-waste recycling. Let’s change the world together.