There’s a good chance that nearly everyone you know has a cell phone. Smartphones have become a major part of our lives today, and we’ve grown to rely on them heavily. 


However, most modern cell phones will only last a couple of years, and maybe less if you always upgrade to the latest model. This means that millions of smartphones are constantly being replaced. But what happens to old phones?  


Because cell phones contain potentially toxic materials, they must be handled as hazardous waste. This means that you should not throw away smartphones in the regular trash. Instead, you should recycle your cell phone. When recycled, up to 80% of a discarded cell phone can be reused.


At Newtech Recycling, a New York ITAD company, we know the negative impact that materials like cell phone batteries can have when they aren’t disposed of properly. That’s why it’s our mission to help people recycle cell phone components responsibly. 


Keep reading to learn why it’s so important that your smartphone battery gets recycled properly.


Cell phones contain potentially toxic materials, which means they need to be recycled properly and not thrown in the trash


Why Should You Recycle Cell Phone Batteries?

To understand why it’s so important for smartphone batteries to be recycled, you have to know the problems they can cause when they aren’t. 


Most of us are aware that the batteries we use every day contain dangerous chemicals, but it’s not usually something we need to worry about often. These chemicals are safe while they’re in well-maintained devices, but this stops when they go to landfills. When batteries get thrown out in landfills, leaks happen, which creates a huge environmental risk.


Chemicals from smartphones pose a huge threat to environmental and human health. When these chemicals begin to seep out, they can make their way through the soil, impacting nearby crops and animals, and end up in nearby water supplies. 


If garbage in landfills is burned, these chemicals from non-upcycled batteries can also pollute the air. This pollution will eventually impact everyone worldwide. Toxic waste like this could potentially cause cancer and contribute to global warming, but the full effects of electronic waste are still unknown.


By recycling cell phone batteries, you can help prevent this pollution from occurring. 


Learning how to make your smartphone last longer can also help get more use out of your current phone, which is better for the environment than replacing phones frequently. While properly recycling smartphone batteries is important, we should also work to ensure that all batteries are disposed of correctly. 


Depending on your state, it could even be illegal to throw away certain types of batteries. 

Upcycled Batteries Use Fewer Natural Resources

Preventing dangerous toxins from harming us and our environment may be a good enough reason to recycle your unwanted phone batteries, but it’s not the only reason. 


Recycling smartphone batteries is important for the same reason it’s important to recycle any other materials – it gives them a chance at a second life.


Some parts of smartphones and their batteries can still be used even after you’re done with them. These materials are often still perfectly fine to be repurposed, so there’s no reason to allow them to waste away in landfills. 


Did you know that materials sourced from old batteries can be used to make new batteries in the future? That’s why upcycling batteries is so important.

Upcycled batteries can be used to create new batteries and have other uses

Not only does recycling enable us to reuse the materials we already have for something else, but it prevents us from having to source more materials to produce new batteries. 


Batteries and other elements of electronic devices aren’t renewable energy sources. There is only so much of these materials available in the world, so what we have is all we will ever have. While we may still be able to access more of these materials, for the time being, this may not always be the case. 


Recycling cell phones and upcycling batteries allow us to use what we already have to help us prevent needing to source more materials for future products. This is also a great energy solution, as reusing already available materials typically requires less energy than having to source new ones.

Take Responsibility for Your Old Cell Phone Batteries

Toxic waste like smartphone batteries poses a huge threat to all of us, but it’s something we can work to prevent. While recycling e-waste like batteries isn’t as simple as tossing it in the recycling bin at your house, it’s still extremely easy, so there’s no reason not to do it. 


If you have old smartphones in your house or your current phone is on its way out, and you’re wondering, “what to do before destroying my old phone,” find a recycling service that can help.

Choose Proper Smartphone Disposal with Newtech 

At Newtech Recycling, we work hard to do our part to ensure that our environment isn’t harmed by e-waste by providing reliable electronic recycling services. In addition to smartphone disposal, we also offer tv recycling, computer disposal, and other e-waste services


If you want to know how to recycle old electronic devices or to learn more about the services we offer, contact Newtech Recycling today.