It’s hard to find an office or house today that isn’t filled with chargers, wires, and other types of electrical cables. While some of these old wires might still be useful, there’s a good chance that the majority of them aren’t. As we get new electronics and the models change, our old cables and wires can become irrelevant, but many people still keep them around.

Even if you always responsibly recycle your unwanted devices like using an old printer disposal service, things like old chargers and cables can linger behind. You might think that you might still be able to use these at some point, but if they’re old, you never touch them, and you don’t even have the device that goes to them anymore, you’ll likely never need them again. Other times, people just don’t know what to do with their old wires.

If you’re one of the many with old wires and similar items lying around, don’t just toss them in the garbage. Like old electronic devices, chargers, wires, and cables are still classified as e-waste that must be handled carefully when it’s time to get rid of it. If you have unwanted wires and cables, you must know how to properly dispose of them.

A variety of old and obsolete phone chargers that should be recycled when no longer needed

Find the Right Electronics Recycling Center

Old chargers, wires, and cables might look like useless items to you, but they might still be extremely valuable, even if you can’t use them anymore. Many of our everyday wires and cables contain precious metals, just like electronic devices. Even if the wires themselves aren’t usable anymore, these materials can still serve a purpose. By recycling these unwanted items, recycling centers can salvage the parts that are still usable for them to be remade into new items in the future. This prevents the need for new materials in limited supply from being sourced and keeps valuable materials from being wasted in landfills. Recycling these items also ensures that you’re keeping toxic chemicals that can come from them out of landfills, protecting the environment and human health.

Radu Vrabie, founder and marketer at Power Bank Expert, always makes it a point to recycle old wires. “Chargers, cables, and old wires shouldn’t be thrown in the trash can along with other types of home waste,” he says. “In my case, I have a strategic can for wires and all kinds of electronic trash, which I take to the local recyclers after every few months. Although it isn’t much, most of the metal recyclers would pay you something for the effort – especially if you have copper wires in the bin.”

Fortunately, many of the places that recycle your other old electronics may be able to take wires and cables too, but you’ll want to check with them just to be sure. So, if you’re looking for where to dispose of old laptops, you should also make sure that they’re able to take the cables and charger that came with them. In some areas, you might even be able to drop these items off at an electronics store that will recycle them for you if you don’t have easy access to a recycling center. 

Recycling computer cables, old chargers, and wires, is ultimately the best way to dispose of old electronic cords. But what if your cords still work? 

Donate Your Useable Old Chargers and Cables

While you might not have use for these items anymore, there are people who can benefit from them. Like many other electronics that are old but still in good condition, some of your old chargers, wires, and cables might be able to be donated. There are some who may have the devices that go to them and can still use them. 

If you look, you might be able to find programs in your area that take items like these for different reasons, such as STEM programs that can use them for teaching purposes. While recycling is extremely important, it’s also important to help get the most use out of our electronic devices before getting rid of them.

A pile of old cables, wires, and electronics that need to be disposed of.

See if Friends or Family Can Use Them

Before getting rid of items like chargers and cables, see if you know anyone who can use them. You might not have the models that use them anymore, but if they’re still somewhat recent, you might know someone who can use them. Many of us tend to break or lose our cables, so having extras lying around can be useful, as long as you know they’re going to get used. If these items are in good condition and can be used by people you know, you might as well give them away so they can get more use out of them.

Recycle Computer Cables, Old Chargers, and More

We spoke with Julie Stobbe, a Trained Professional Organizer with Mind Over Clutter. Julie explained how easy it is to find a local recycling company to help you dispose of tech products, including your wires and cables, the right way. “I can drop off electronic cables and computers and they will destroy the hard drives, small electrical tools, and appliances.”

If you’re one of the many people with tons of old chargers and individual wires piled up around your house, now is the time for you to finally get rid of them. However, you must ensure you’re getting rid of them responsibly, just like you would with any of your other unwanted electronic devices. 

Recycling and donating your old wires and cables allows you to protect the environment and prevent e-waste and gives you the chance to clear out some clutter. Whether you’ve had the items saved up for years, or you’re thinking “I’m destroying my old phone and need to take care of its charger and wires,” there are options for you to handle it responsibly. 

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