Newtech Recycling’s (All-Inclusive) White Glove Service Package

Do you ever find yourself in the storage closet at work and being overwhelmed by the amount of items
that are unused, out-dated and broken? It’s a common occurrence in businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Most employees seldom have the expertise to determine if it’s time to get rid of something nor do they
have the authority to make such a decision.

Imagine working with a provider that can offer up-to-date suggestions and recommendations pertaining
to your inactive inventory of items. A provider that truly understands the vital necessity of space,
organization and revenue opportunities. That’s just one part of Newtech’s recently enhanced service
package that’s working to distance them from their competition.

At Newtech Recycling, they offer value-added services like these at every visit. Their multi-faceted
teams of experts completely understand the waste versus revenue challenges that firms face every year.
They know exactly what to recommend and how to guide businesses accordingly. Newtech Recycling
confronts these storage room dilemmas every day and nothing is beyond their scope of expertise.

Let’s face it, most e-waste pick-ups in today’s world consist of fly-by-night operations that source the
cheapest logistics providers to haul-a-way only a certain category of electronics. Companies often find
themselves at the mercy of lengthy lead and arrival times. These time-crunched haulers then simply
back up to dock doors and load equipment that had to be cautiously recorded, handled and palletized
by company staff.

Not only is Newtech light years different, they are also on a completely separate playing field. First, they
begin by providing free on-site estimates. This allows their clients to fully understand each and every
service option that is available to them. They then customize a service that is specific to their clients’
needs. Whether it’s a full scale corporate clean-out, an on-site hard drive shredding project or a simple
pick-up of an old printer, lab equipment or medical device, you can be assured that Newtech does it all.

Their fully trained and certified recycling teams offer a hands-on approach at every stop. Why should
their business partners have to risk injury, theft and labor hours with tasks that should be conducted by
certified & trained professionals? That’s just who Newtech is and what they excel at. Each member of
their team fully embraces everything that is electronics recycling and their business model is a
framework for a green culture that is clearly evident and second to none.