We’re all accustomed to the amount of technology we rely on day to day, so you might not even think about it. Most of us are constantly surrounded by technology and go through electronics fairly quickly. E-waste is a major problem that will have lasting effects on our environment and millions of tons of it are produced each year. Not only does this e-waste leak toxic chemicals into the soil and water, but it’s also a huge waste of resources. Much of this damage has already been done, but we can help prevent it from getting worse. 

One concern that can make it harder to prevent more e-waste from ending up in landfills is the amount of e-waste the U.S. has. A large amount of e-waste that gets put in landfills comes from the U.S., although we know the risks associated with this. This is a global issue, as the effects on our environment spread and impact us all. So, if e-waste is so harmful, why isn’t the U.S. falling behind when it comes to recycling electronics? 

Lack of Education

Many of us receive basic information about recycling as we grow up. Everyone understands the importance of recycling materials like plastic and glass, even if they don’t do it. However, many don’t know why electronics need to be recycled or where to do so. Recycling electronics isn’t as simple as putting it in your recycling bin and waiting for it to be picked up. If someone isn’t familiar with e-waste, they may not even realize that there’s an issue with lumping it in with their regular garbage. Some might not question what happens to their electronics when they throw them away and if e-waste recycling is big in your area, you might not even be aware that it’s an option. Ultimately it comes down to the consumers of these products to educate themselves on the dos and don’ts of recycling tech. Jessica Rose with Copper H2O reiterated this in stating that “At the end of the day, recycling issues largely rest at the feet of US consumers. For the US to become better at recycling, consumers must become more conscious about recycling.”

It’s Legal in Many States

The damaging effects of e-waste have already been proven, but there is no federal law that requires Americans to properly recycle electronics. Despite knowing the detrimental impact that electronics can have on our environment, it’s still legal in many states to throw them away. Of course, properly recycling electronics is still an option for these states, but it’s up to the individual to do it. Even in states where recycling electronics is mandatory, you have to go out of your way to recycle it. If a state doesn’t legally require that you take these extra steps to safely recycle e-waste, people can easily toss it in with their regular trash. 

Recycling Programs, in General, are Lacking

The U.S. needing major improvements on how we recycle electronics may not come as a big surprise if you already know that our regular recycling programs aren’t always top-notch. Overall, we can do better at making an effort to recycle in our lives. Compared to other countries, the U.S. still has some improvements to make when it comes to how much we recycle. Recycling items like paper and plastic is easier for many than it is to recycle electronics, and if we struggle with basic recycling already, it’s understandable that recycling electronics can be even more difficult. 

Electronics Recycling Made Easy

As the owner of multiple electronics, you have a huge responsibility to recycle them properly. As we go through electronics at a more rapid rate, e-waste recycling programs are more important than ever and all Americans need to make the effort to recycle their devices. At Newtech Recycling, we know the grave effects of e-waste and want to see that everyone is taking steps to reduce the amount that ends up in our landfills. Because of this, we aim to make recycling electronics as easy as possible. Whether it’s your old household devices or an entire office space that needs to be cleared out, Newtech is here to help. We ensure that all electronics are taken care of correctly and safely.

Robert Johnson with SAWINERY told us that the biggest issue he sees is consumers failing to properly recycle their electronics and causing contamination. “What adds to the burden of recycling is the failure to segregate properly, which leads to contamination, making it difficult for recycling manufacturers to manage and process these materials.” When you choose to use a recycling company for your e-waste it takes all the guess work out of it. They will handle separating and recycling your tech the correct way so you don’t have to!

Our e-waste problem won’t resolve itself and it’s time for each of us to start taking action. Learn more about how you can help reduce the amount of e-waste we create and how Newtech can help by contacting us today.