No computer will last forever, so you know that eventually, you’ll have to get rid of what you have and look for a new one. Your computer should last you a few years, and it could last for up to eight or more years if you have certain models and take great care of it. However, computers can sometimes have temporary problems and can be fixed easily by yourself or with the help of a professional. Because of this, it can be hard knowing when exactly is the time to find the right e-waste disposal for your PC. You want to get the most out of your PC, so you need to know when it’s telling you that you might need a replacement.

If you have an older computer or a PC that’s giving you a lot of problems, here are a few signs that 

Your PC Crashes Frequently

Nothing is worse than your computer crashing when you’re in the middle of something important. Crashing is a sign that something is definitely wrong with your PC. Of course, there are many times where the root cause is something you can have fixed, but this isn’t always the case. If this is happening to your PC, you need to do something about it, whether that’s repairs if possible, or electronic disposal

It Loads Slowly 

We’ve all had a computer load slowly from time to time, so this isn’t always a sign that your computer is on its way out. You might have problems running more than one thing at a time, or it could be taking a while to turn your computer on and off. If your operating system loading too slowly is a constant problem that makes it difficult to use and get anything done, it could be time to replace it. See if there’s a way that you can have this problem fixed on your own or with repairs. Jessica Miller with Bike Inquire told us that oftentimes this can be a simple fix. “If your PC runs fine generally but goes slow and has high memory usage when you have a lot of necessary applications open, it may be worth looking at a memory upgrade. Even after upgrading these parts your pc not fast, you should buy a new pc or build one.“

The Cost of Repairs is Too Expensive

Many people choose to get repairs before they recycle a PC. This is a great way to get more life out of the devices you already own, which is beneficial for your wallet and the environment. However, there could be times when the cost to get repairs can be extremely expensive. If you need this for a newer computer that will work perfectly after the repairs, this could be worth it. For those who have computers that are already a few years old and need expensive repairs, you might not want to take the chance. If you’ve already had your computer for a decent amount of time and the repairs would be similar to the cost of buying a new PC, you might just want to recycle it now instead of repairing it. 

It’s Loud and Overheats

It’s normal for many computers to run loudly sometimes or overheat. This can happen when you’re using your computer for a long time with no breaks or if you have multiple different programs running at the same time. When this happens, it’s usually only temporary and stops when you give your PC time to rest. However, if your computer is reaching the end, you might notice this happens more often and for no apparent reason. Old computers that need to be replaced can put in a lot of work to function like normal, so this is something to watch out for. 

It Dies Quickly

Many laptops begin to die quickly when they’re no longer usable. Not all laptops stay charged for the same amount of time, and what you use it for can affect how long it lasts, but if your computer is on the way out, how long your battery lasts now can be a huge difference than before. You may only have a little while to use your laptop before the battery dies, even when it’s fully charged. This can make it extremely difficult to get anything done without being attached to your charger all day. Matt Ferderer, a software consultant, told us this could be a very easy and very cheap fix! “It’s common that the power supply will go out after a few years or due to bad electricity flowing into it.”

Recycle Your Old PC Today

When your old PC or any other electronics stop working, you need to find electronic recycling programs near you. PCs and other electronic devices can create toxic e-waste when they aren’t disposed of properly, which can be detrimental to our environment. At Newtech Recycling, our recycling process ensures that your old PC and other electronics are recycled responsibly, and we help with concerns like protecting your personal data when you get rid of your electronics.

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