You might not think of it, but you go through electronics often. Household appliances like refrigerators can last you for at least a decade, so while you might not be replacing those often, there’s plenty of other electronics in your house. Your computers and TVs can get you a few years of use, but you might be replacing your cell phones as frequently as once a year. 

With people all over the world doing this, the amount of unwanted electronics becomes overwhelmingly huge, but where does it all go? Many states and countries have made it mandatory that all unwanted electronics be appropriately recycled, but most of our old electronics still end up in landfills. At NewTech Recycling, we know how detrimental e-waste is and aim to provide easy electronic recycling across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. 

What is E-Waste Recycling?

Despite recycling electronics being required in many places, people still aren’t aware of it. Unlike your typical recycling where you can toss plastic and glass in a bin for someone to come collect, e-waste recycling requires you to go slightly out of your way. This could make people not realize that it’s an option or think that it’s much harder to do than it actually is. E-waste recycling is as simple as taking your old electronics to your local recycling center.

By properly recycling old electronics, you can help prevent them from ending up in landfills. Electronics that are discarded into landfills leak toxic chemicals into nearby soil, water, and air, endangering the entire environment. With so much of our electronic waste being thrown into landfills, this has quickly become a huge problem. Not only are the devices harmful when they’re left to waste away in landfills, but it’s also incredibly wasteful. We all know that the technology in our lives is valuable, but we often overlook just how valuable it is. Many devices today contain precious metals that need to be mined. These precious metals and other important elements in electronics can be reused again to create new devices after the current ones reach the end of their lives. 

E-Waste Recycling at NewTech

NewTech Recycling helps to make electronics recycling as simple as it can be. We offer a variety of different services that you might need while getting rid of your old electronics responsibly. Whether you have a few small devices to recycle or your whole office needs to be cleared out, you can rely on us. 

E-Waste Pick-Up

Recycling small devices like phones and tablets is incredibly simple. However, once you move into larger electronics and appliances, doing this on your own can be difficult. You might not have a car that can fit your unwanted electronics or you might be unable to physically move them yourself at all. If this is the case, NewTech has you covered. We own a fleet of trucks that can help electronics recycling easy by picking up your old products for you. 

Corporate Cleanout 

Cleaning out office spaces can be overwhelming, especially when you have to figure out where to send your old electronics. You might have dozens of computers and large copiers that you couldn’t possibly recycle on your own. NewTech offers corporate cleanout services that can help make recycling your old office electronics easy. We want to be sure that these electronics are taken care of responsibly when they’re out of use and work with you to help get them removed.  

Data Destruction

Most of us have important documents and information on all of our electronics. This is true if it’s a device you use for your personal life, which can contain things like your banking information, but also for businesses of all industries. When you’re recycling your old electronics, you want to be sure that no one has access to the information that was stored on the device while it was in use. Even if you have a broken device, there are still ways for this information to be retrieved, and simply deleting it yourself isn’t enough. We offer data destruction and hard drive shredding so that you can be sure all of your data is protected when you recycle old devices.


To learn more about the services we offer and how NewTech Recycling can help, contact us today.