By Joel Ihnotic

As the years go by and waste streams change, its important that recyclers are flexible and meet the needs of their clients, regardless of industry or equipment they may want to recycle.  The issue is that office managers do not like to work with multiple vendors to handle the array of unused, broken or old equipment that eats up office and facility space.  Pick-up and processing fees can be very expensive, especially if you are paying four or five different “specialty” recyclers or disposal providers.

When looking for a vendor, it is important to find someone who can handle all of your recycling needs and be flexible to offer a solution for disposal of different equipment.  Look no further than Newtech Recycling! We are excited to announce our ability to properly handle “specialty” equipment most businesses wouldn’t otherwise know what to do with.  Given our commitment to the recycling industry and our dedication to our clients, expanding our scope of acceptable items is a reality we happily welcome.  As our network of clients such as: medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, engineering and transportation partners grow, so has the demand to evolve and fill this service gap.

Its not just about computers, printers and phones anymore.  We know that almost every medical office has an old X-ray machine or centrifuge that needs to go.  We understand that laboratories can get inundated with “specialty” equipment that has high turnover.  We also know that the engineering and transportation industries experience similar issues with having to safely dispose of equipment that requires stringent tracking and accountability.

As a fully certified recycler, Newtech has taken the proper steps to fulfill and maintain compliance obligations across a wide spectrum.  Whether its HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FACTA, FISMA, FERPA….etc, our clients are covered.

In addition to comprehensive protection, Newtech services also come complete with another value added bonus.  Each and everyone of our recycling teams provide a White Glove treatment at each service stop.  This means that Newtech personnel handles the physical removal, inventory, palatalization, shrink-wrapping, loading, safe transport, unloading and weighing of all collected equipment.  Relieving our clients of these typically burdening, timely and unsafe steps is always appreciated and we are happy to do it.

Going above and beyond just equipment!  It is important also to know that Newtech offers a Corporate Clean Out program for unwanted furniture, panels, chairs, and miscellaneous items.
Call Newtech today for all of your “Specialty” Needs!  We look forward to exceeding your expectations 732-564-3110.