Recycling for Laboratories

Newtech Recycling Inc. offers a purposefully focused disposal service which is exclusively dedicated to the collection & recycling of laboratory electronics and machinery.

Lab equipment that has been exposed to hazardous: levels of radiation, biological agents or chemical contamination are not accepted by Newtech Recycling Inc. Before any laboratory equipment or machinery can be collected for disposal your organization must ensure that it is free from any harmful contaminates.

Newtech Recycling Inc. primarily offers electronics recycling for laboratories in and around the Tri-State area. The standard laboratory collection routes include routine pick-ups from the states of: New Jersey, New York, Long Island, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Newtech also offers a further, more bespoke, nationwide collection & recycling service for lab equipment and machinery outside of these States. For more information contact the Newtech HQ on: 732-564-3110.

Recycling for Pharmaceuticals 

All pharmaceutical e-waste and electronic equipment earmarked for disposal has to be recycled in accordance with both State and Federal Laws.

Newtech Recycling Inc. is able to offer a completely eco-friendly, turnkey disposal solution that provides a high measure of sustainability through the use of advanced materials reclamation. Since the 1990’s the Newtech Recycling collection & disposal services have been uniquely tailored to the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, Newtech Recycling offers one of the widest spectrums of pharmaceutical and medical equipment disposal in the USA. In addition to collecting and disposing of equipment, electronics and hardware, Newtech Recycling also removes and recycles furniture such as metal workstations, cabinets and storage racks. Roughly 98% of plastics, glass and metals found in equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry can be fully recycled & kept out of landfill sites.

Dispose of Research Hardware

When electronic or mechanical research equipment reaches the end of its usefulness the best disposal method is to have it recycled. Newtech Recycling Inc. specializes in disposing of research equipment used in all the scientific industries. From pharmaceutical to aeronautical equipment Newtech is equipped to recycle it all.

Most research hardware contains circuitry that must be disposed of by a State authorized electronic waste recycler. It is not commonly known but circuit boards often utilize materials that are banned from landfill sites. Newtech Recycling Inc. is a State authorized and R2 certified electronics recycler. Newtech operates nationally, helping businesses by correctly recycling their research equipment and any other scrap electronics or e-waste they may have.

Recycling Test Machinery

From microplate equipment to balances and moisture analyzers, from centrifuges to rockers, rotators and rollers, whatever you need to dispose of Newtech Recycling can help.

Laboratory testing equipment isn’t just restricted to medical devices or biological reactivity tests. Lab test equipment also includes a massive collection of hardware designed to run soil, concrete, rock testing and of course load and stress testing. Whatever the equipment, whatever the size, Newtech can help you to recycle it.

If your organization needs to dispose of old or unwanted testing equipment Newtech Recycling will help. Newtech is highly experienced in both the logistical and recycling aspects of decommissioning such equipment. When you use Newtech as a disposal partner you get a fully ISO / UKAS / R2 accredited recycler who is also recognized by the EPA and holds full NAID membership. For more information or to get a cost estimation please call our head office on: 732-564-3110.

Secure IT Hardware Disposal

When it comes to decommissioning the I.T. hardware used in a laboratory you can’t take any risks. Everything from the lab laptop to the lap photocopier could be a potential HIPAA, HITECH, GLB, EPA, and FACTA compliancy nightmare. Newtech Recycling offers a service especially designed to make this a painless process.

Like many disposal companies offering to recycle IT hardware & computers Newtech Recycling is a registered member of the National Association for Information Destruction. However, the Newtech hard drive destruction service is different from many as it has been created especially for data sensitive companies such as pharmaceutical enterprises, legal & accounting firms, medical and financial organizations.

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