All computers, phones, servers, printers, copiers, and other electrically run office devices that are ready to be thrown out are classified as electronic waste, or e-waste.

Items deemed e-waste have to be recycled by law due to the toxic materials used in their components. When it’s time to dispose of used computer equipment, you need to take it to a reputable recycler. Even if you have given your business’s e-waste to a recycler or garbage collection company, it is still your legal responsibility to ensure the waste is recycled correctly. 

Why Recycle E-Waste?

Your business’s scrap electronics, old CRT monitors, keyboards, computers, and copiers are classified as toxic electronic waste. This means that they cannot be disposed of with the regular office trash (or put in a garbage dumpster). Electronic waste contains potentially deadly materials that need to be managed correctly.

The correct management of e-waste starts by keeping your old IT hardware and electronics out of landfill sites, not just here in the United States but also in overseas dumping areas. As a state-authorized, R2-licensed electronics recycler, Newtech Recycling helps you to recycle correctly, legally, and ethically. Our job is to make sure that your e-waste gets disposed of safely and doesn’t go to a landfill, where it may end up adding toxic pollutants to water tables and agricultural systems. In some cases, we can also work with businesses to sell used IT hardware if it’s in good shape.

The Cost of Recycling

There are usually just three costs associated with recycling IT and other business-related e-waste. The first cost is for the removal and collection of the waste. The second cost comes from recycling the e-waste, which usually involves people taking apart the equipment. The third cost results from data destruction and hard drive shredding.

Those costs vary according to the distance we must travel to get to you and the number of electronics we must haul away. As an alternative, we also offer shipping labels and sometimes allow scheduled drop-offs. Recycling electronics is labor-intensive, but the value of reclaimed materials can often help lessen the cost and, in some cases, reduce it to zero.

Deleting Files & More…

Before you recycle your old office laptop, your broken copier, or that retired server, please be aware that their hard drives need to be wiped clean and sometimes destroyed. If you fail to destroy the data held on your business machines, your company could be at risk of violating privacy laws, which could have severe repercussions.

Data-protection laws are there to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses. Given the extent that identity thieves will go to, imagine what they might do with the information held on an old copier, laptop, or server. You have to be sure that all the data on your old devices is wiped clean and deleted forever before being recycled. This means finding somewhere that offers data destruction services plus recycling network. Thankfully, along with recycling, Newtech also offers full data destruction and hard drive shredding services, so don’t worry!

Server Recycling

These servers all have something in common: Proxy Server, Mail Server, Server Platforms, Web Server, Application Server, Real-Time Communication Server, FTP Server, and Collaboration Server. They are all classified as toxic waste in the states of our operations.

Every time you turn on your phone, update social media, or play an online computer game, you drive up the need for more servers and increase the amount of toxic waste in the world. Most businesses today are dependent on cloud data storage or business servers, servers that contain harmful materials such as beryllium, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, brominated flame retardant, and more. The good news is that we can recycle that toxic waste.

Removal and Collection

If you need to recycle rooms and racks of old servers, maybe a cabinet of obsolete servers, or perhaps just an old office server that’s ready for the scrap heap, we can help. Newtech Recycling offers organizations of any size the necessary assistance with router disposal and any other equipment, like old servers and network equipment.

Our server removal and recycling service also offers on-site hard drive shredding for added security. This shredding can be performed on your premises or in one of our hard drive shredding trucks, which we park at your location. Whatever you need, Newtech Recycling will help you remove or simply collect old servers that are ready for disposal. All collected servers are taken to our secure IT recycling facility in Somerset, New Jersey.

Data Destruction

Billions of dollars have been spent on making hard drives secure and reliable. As a result, it is actually more time-consuming than you might think to destroy the data on a server drive. At Newtech Recycling, we use a fast and reliable server hard drive destruction system that leaves nothing to chance.

Our data destruction facility offers the ultimate in fast and reliable server hard drive disposal. We start with a Department of Defense-grade disk wipe. We then blast the drive with an EMP to sterilize the magnetic data it contains. Finally, we shred the drive into flakes. If you have 10 or 10,000 server hard drives you need to get rid of, we can help.


Once we have collected your old servers or received them at our recycling facility, we become legally responsible for their disposal. When the disposal is complete, we issue you with an e-waste certificate that can be used to prove you have recycled responsibly and legally.

The disposal of servers and hard drives is managed via an inventory stock and checklist. We use the serial numbers of your hard drives and servers as a reference throughout every step of the recycling process. The serial number of each hard drive and server is ticked off as it passes through demanufacturing, shredding, recycling, and reclamation.

Professional E-Waste Removal Service

Every company needs to understand how to properly dispose of computer equipment and other unwanted electronics. If your company or organization has old computer equipment, telecommunications hardware, or electrically powered machinery like those used for old electric motors that have been earmarked for disposal, let the Newtech Recycling e-waste removal team help. 

If you are outside of the Newtech collection areas of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, you will need an alternative e-waste recycler with either e-Steward or R2 accreditation. However, on occasion, we will collect e-waste from neighboring states.

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