By James Entwistle

Today’s’ businesses are ‘environmentally conscientious’ and are willing to pay for the proper disposal of their e-waste. We all have that cabinet or closet filled with old mice, keyboards, wires, computers, monitors and office printers that are simply collecting dust and costing for storage.  To many business owners, office managers and IT directors, it just doesn’t seem worthwhile to have such a small amount of e-waste collected.  Many prefer to wait until these obsolete devices are falling out of the cabinet, or breaking the door down to a closet.  What if I was to tell you, there is now a way to have all the e-waste in your cabinet or storeroom collected and recycled for FREE, even if it is just a few old keyboards?

For Newtech the term ‘environmentally conscientious’ means giving the business community the cleanest, greenest most cost-efficient means of recycling.  This includes finding ways of making recycling more affordable. The good news is, Newtech has managed to do just that through a strategic partnership that eliminates the cost of collection and recycling!

Like all great ideas the partnership is very simple.  Newtech has aligned itself with one of the East Coasts largest independent sellers of office supplies & equipment.  This is how it works: if you have e-waste (e.g. old computers, IT hardware, monitors and so on) you can have them collected for free the next time you order your office supplies.  Not only does it cut the cost of collection, it also cuts your carbon footprint as we’re only using a single vehicle to deliver your order and remove your e-waste.  How’s that for a WIN, WIN?

So, what’s the catch? Well, the partnership works both ways, the office supply company is offering to do the collection for free providing Newtech freely recycles for their clients.  So that means free collection and free recycling with every order of supplies.

Ok, before you start reaching for the phone to place an order there are four basic requirements.  1. When placing your order, you also need to arrange to have your e-waste collected.  If your delivery driver turns up and they are not expecting to collect e-waste there might not be space on the truck.  2. Not all items can be taken free of charge, so you want to call Newtech first to make sure your e-waste can be collected: (732) 564 3110.  3. Some e-waste might require special processes such as data destruction, so when you call Newtech make sure you let them know if your e-waste includes hardware with hard drives (e.g. old laptops & computers). There is a small fee for shredding hard drives but it’s definitely worth the piece of mind.  4. If you have a large amount of e-waste to be processed, recycling fees may be applicable.  The key throughout this process is to have open lines of communication with Newtech.

You might be asking yourself: “what’s the name of the office supply company offering this fantastic opportunity”?  The answer is: Village Office Supply!  Over the past 30 years this local business has offered FREE delivery to hundreds of area businesses.   Thanks to this new partnership between Village Office Supply and Newtech Recycling, they can now also offer FREE collection and FREE recycling!  If you don’t have an account with them, give them a call today at: (732) 564 1700.

Thank you for choosing to recycle the right way with Newtech Recycling & Village Office Supply!