At Newtech Recycling, we promote multiple avenues of e-waste recycling to make sure that the environment is protected from the toxic interiors of trashed electronic devices. One process that we hold in high regard is refurbishment, a worthy alternative to recycling that is beneficial to each party that is involved.


Despite refurbished products having a reputation for being unreliable, most of these devices are actually more comparable to new products than used ones in terms of performance. This, combined with the substantial environmental advantages, makes buying refurbished electronics financially and socially savvy.


In a world where smartphones have been identified as a leading pollutant tied to landfills, sacrificing a little technological prowess for a lot of sustainability is a worthy trade-off. Read on to learn about the positive effects refurbishing your old devices can have.

What Are Refurbished Electronics?

When an electronic device becomes aged, your instinct may lead you to take the device to someone who can restore its functionality. This is called refurbishing. When the expert of your choice pumps new life into the device, its value increases.


However, it will be resold at a price that is lower than that of a new product. Customers looking for functioning devices who do not want to break the bank may seek out these refurbished electronics.

Generally speaking, customers are satisfied with refurbished products such as phones. Considering the dramatically lower prices you can find when scouring the electronics market for refurbished devices as opposed to new ones, these bargains provide wonderful value for those willing to take the leap.

Smartphone being refurbished

Refurbished Electronics and the Environment

Electronics that have been carelessly thrown away result in toxic elements like mercury, arsenic and lead seeping into the environment, and eventually to us. Overflowing elements that flow from landfills can eventually lead to water treatment plants.


However, even before that destructive process begins, the construction of devices already causes quite a bit of damage. 


In order to build the electronic devices we use each day, the raw materials that make them up must be mined. In addition to the inherent environmental dangers of mining in the modern world, the mines that extract essential metals like copper, iron and aluminum are often poorly regulated. The damage to the environment the mining process causes is immense, and poor working conditions for miners exacerbate the trouble.


Considering the damage that throwing away electronics can cause, recycling your old devices, and buying refurbished when you need new ones, serve as fantastic alternatives. Buying refurbished devices drives down the demand for new products, resulting in less mining.


Refurbishment is the equivalent of not throwing away an old device. The fewer electronics that end up in landfills, the safer the environment and humans will be.

Newtech Recycling Supports Refurbished Electronics

While Newtech Recycling does not carry out the refurbishment process directly, we support it as an eco-friendly method of moving on from an old device.


Newtech Recycling can help you through the process of recycling your old devices. Whether it be through mobile device recycling or computer recycling, our mission to help you realize sustainable, eco-friendly practices is a top priority.

If you live in one of Newtech Recycling’s service areas, contact us for more information on the refurbishment process’s positive impact on the environment.

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