In today’s age of high technology and Internet use, online safety and data security have never been more important. Information technology asset disposition (ITAD) is an essential part of ensuring the privacy and safety of your computing devices.

Here’s what you need to know about using ITAD services and how you can protect your company’s technological assets.

What Does ITAD Involve?

ITAD businesses follow legal codes to dispose of devices in environmentally conscious ways that also protect your information. These services are becoming increasingly essential for IT companies as our reliance on technology grows.

ITAD services include:

  •             Data erasure
  •             Data security
  •             Asset recovery
  •             Disposal of outdated or undesirable equipment

Why is ITAD Important?

Information technology asset disposition is important for personal and business technology alike. In fact, the great majority of ITAD businesses cater to a wide range of equipment, from individual mobile phones to massive data centers.

As our society continues to cycle through devices rapidly, the need for parts becomes more urgent. ITAD helps alleviate the shortage by allowing components to be recycled. Of course, a data erasure process must take place to keep sensitive information private for a used technology piece to be reused.

Environmentally speaking, ITAD services are indispensable. Old widespread practices of shredding and dumping were harsh on the surrounding environment. Toxic chemicals and metals often leaked into the soil and water, contaminating these resources for years to come.

The current standard methods of disposition are significantly safer, as they focus on electronics recycling. Furthermore, when equipment turns unviable, there are environmentally conscious processes of disposal.

How Are ITAD & Data Security Related?

While information technology asset disposition and data security are not the same things, some aspects overlap. For example, a key component of ITAD is data erasure, which is also a crucial part of security.

Despite your best efforts, it is likely that your old devices will still contain sensitive data that is recoverable even after deletion. In fact, hackers are known for accessing private information from poorly discarded electronic equipment.

However, professional data erasure ensures this can not happen through certified sanitation processes. Simply put, stringent ITAD procedures lead to more secure data.

Sustainability & Security

Proper information technology asset disposition methods have a strong focus on sustainability as well as security. Both electronics recycling and reusing are huge components of ethical ITAD services. When equipment can no longer be used, whether because it is outdated or damaged, ITAD companies will recycle it. If parts can be spared, they will be, as the demand for digital components is high.

Large governing agencies set standards for recycling and disposal geared towards having the lowest impact on the environment. Technology equipment contains toxic materials, which are required to be removed before disposal. Today’s ITAD is significantly more sustainable than before.

ITAD services will conduct a data erasure process to ensure safety and privacy regardless of a device’s destination. As a result, your devices will no longer contain any data at completion and are therefore safe for either recycling or reusing.

Finding the Best High-Quality ITAD Companies

When it comes to protecting your private data, you have to select a trustworthy company. The best ITAD companies have a few qualities in common.

Multiple Certifications

Certifications are a good sign of a reliable franchise. There are a few governing entities that establish industry standards. We recommend checking for an R2 and e-Steward before hiring any information technology asset disposition professional.

Service Load Options

If you require bulk decommissioning and data erasure services, a company with on-site capabilities may be best. However, if your load is smaller and can ship, look for companies that offer shipping insurance and exhibit strong communication.

Knowledgeable with Strong Communication Practices

No matter your volume, be sure to ask plenty of questions. Understand the company’s sanitation practices, device transportation tracking, and how they monitor their resale vendors. A quality corporation will be able to explain each of these and more to you readily. Hesitancy or inability to answer inquiries may suggest larger issues within the business.

Need ITAD Services Today?

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