Copper (Element)

Copper (Cu) is a metal element that is mined throughout the world, including in the United States, Mexico and South America. In addition to its use in the electronics industry, copper is a common element found in construction materials, transportation equipment and other industries that keep the world on the go.


In fact, copper is one of the essential elements that keeps the human body functioning properly. Appropriate levels of copper are a necessary ingredient in making sure each of us can maintain healthy bodily systems. 


Despite its helpful properties, an over-abundance of copper within ourselves or in the environment can have fatal consequences. Considering the fundamental importance of copper in just about everything we do, it makes sense to properly dispose of this element when its immediate function is through. Learn more about the ways in which copper is used below, and contact us at Newtech Recycling to get started on your electronic recycling.

Where Can Copper Be Found?

Copper is used to power some of the most powerful aspects of many electronic devices. Due to copper’s greater conductive properties, it has become a go-to element for some of the largest brands in the manufacture of computer chips, circuit boards and other pieces of the electronic puzzle.


Still, copper’s most relevant use in the electronics industry is electrical wiring. Out of all the metals, copper is possibly the finest conductor of electricity and heat. It is at least on a similar tier in this regard to the most elite conductors, such as silver, making copper a highly sought after element in electronic manufacturing.


Some of the other uses of copper that you might encounter daily include:


  • Motor parts
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Jewelry
  • Door knobs
  • Table tops

Strands of copper shown in waves

Copper in the Environment

Just as too much copper in your system can cause serious damage to your body, in the form of liver damage and gastrointestinal symptoms, an overabundance of copper seeping into the environment is both unsightly and dangerous.


  • Water: The aforementioned gastrointestinal symptoms that can be brought on by excess copper intake are often linked to copper-infested water. Because copper is widely used in large-scale water distribution systems and home plumbing configurations, the water we consume can be tainted by a faulty pipe without warning.


  • Air: According to the CDC, breathing in high levels of copper can have unpleasant consequences. Irritation in the nose and throat are common side effects of ingesting copper, and can lead to more serious symptoms. In the most extreme cases, being exposed to high doses of copper in the atmosphere can result in serious damage being inflicted on your internal organs.


  • Soil: Though the damaging effects of copper on plant life are relatively inconsistent, it is worth noting that soil corrupted by too much copper can be dangerous to our fellow living organisms. In serious cases, copper in soil can cause discoloration and poor root development in the surrounding plant life.

Dispose of Your Copper Properly with Newtech Recycling

To avoid the damaging effects copper can have on living things and the wider environment, it is critical that devices using this element are properly disposed of. This is where a responsible e-waste recycling center like Newtech Recycling comes into play.


For a few simple steps on how to begin and execute the process of disposing of your items containing copper, contact Newtech Recycling and make arrangements. The Newtech team will help guide you through the process, including any regulatory requirements that might need to be cleared.

If you live in the Newtech Recycling service areas, give us a call for any computer recycling needs you may have. We would be happy to help you dispose of any other items containing copper you might have in a safe and efficient manner.

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