Trust is an important part of any transaction. If you give someone something that is important to you based on the understanding that they will do something specific with that object, how do you know they actually will do the thing they’ve promised to do?

When it comes to e-waste recycling, the best way to ensure that your electronic devices are disposed of properly and that your data is being kept out of the wrong hands is with a Certificate of Destruction.

Why You Need a Certificate of Destruction

In areas where the local government mandates e-waste recycling, a Certificate of Destruction from a recycling or data destruction services acts as documented proof that you have complied with the law in disposing of your electronic devices in an environmentally friendly manner. A Certificate of Destruction records such important information as what items were disposed of, how they were disposed of, the date of their receipt, and when they were destroyed.


A Certificate of Destruction is especially important when the electronic devices being recycled include laptops, hard drives, servers, mobile phones, and other IT devices which may contain sensitive data or personal information. Erasing data doesn’t remove that information from a device entirely; if not properly destroyed, that data can still be recovered with the right skill and equipment.

In cases of hard drive shredding and other types of data disposal, a Certificate of Destruction acts as verification that your sensitive information has indeed been disposed of and can’t be accessed by someone else later. It also creates a chain of accountability that can be traced as proof of your compliance with data privacy regulations.

Certify the Destruction of Your E-Waste Now

Newtech Recycling always provides a Certificate of Destruction to clients who use our services to recycle their unwanted electronics or destroy sensitive data-storage devices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

A Certificate of Destruction from Newtech Recycling is our guarantee to you that your e-waste has been disposed of in the most thorough, responsible, and environmentally safe manner possible. Contact us today to learn more!

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