As you look around today’s corporate offices, the first thing you’ll immediately notice is the number of computers, copiers, and other office technology. In larger corporations, there could be hundreds or even thousands of electronics that will eventually need to be removed and disposed of properly. In the past, companies would simply dispose of these items through their waste hauler, with them ending up in a local landfill, where they become a potential hazard to the environment. Along with this potential hazard comes the liability associated with the improper disposal of the hard drives and other data-containing devices found in this equipment.

Newtech Recycling has long understood how important it is to care for the environment and how the improper disposal of technology has put it at risk. Since our inception, we have focused on environmentally sound methods of managing equipment disposal, with an emphasis on protecting our clients from any long-term liabilities.

Easy collection and removal from offices

For large offices, replacing and getting rid of your old electronics can be a huge job to tackle. Getting everything out of the building is time-consuming and a physical strain that many aren’t able to do. We feel strongly about ensuring that all unwanted electronics are taken care of properly, which is why we work to help with the removal of these items. Our collection and removal service is the perfect solution for large office buildings cleaning out their electronics.

Collection and removal services from Newtech are flexible to fit your unique needs. Whether you need a fleet of trucks for removal, or you’d rather bring it to our facilities directly, we’re willing to work with you. The services provided come at a variety of different price points to work with whatever your budget is. Depending on what the corporation needs, we can even help remove and transfer office furniture as well. Even if you aren’t recycling your electronics, but simply relocating them to a different facility, our services can help with that.

Corporate Cleanout

With it now being illegal in many states for corporations to dispose of electronic equipment improperly, Newtech has extended its service offering to include Corporate Cleanouts. We have the expertise to assist you in handling logistics, packing, decommissioning, building cleanouts, and ultimately, product and data destruction. We will develop a project plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

Easy Collection and Removal from Offices

For large offices, replacing and properly disposing of obsolete electronics can be an overwhelming process. Removing material of varying weights and sizes can be difficult and time consuming. Most corporations simply do not have the resources to tackle this type of work, but Newtech does. Our collection and removal service is the perfect solution for large office buildings cleaning out their electronics.

Collection and removal services from Newtech are flexible to fit your unique needs. Whether you need a fleet of trucks for removal, or you’d prefer to bring it to our facility directly for processing, we’re here to help. We are also extending our services to aid our clients in removing and disposing of office furniture and other material. Newtech is perfectly positioned to be your one-stop solution.

Electronic Pickup

Any computer, phone, server, printer, copier, or other electronic in your office that’s ready to be thrown out is considered electronic waste, or e-waste. These items must be recycled by law due to the toxic materials used in their components. However, they can’t be dropped in regular recycling bins. You will need an e-waste management company such as Newtech Recycling to help you recycle electronics correctly, legally, and ethically.

As a state-authorized R2-licensed electronics recycler, our job is to ensure e-waste gets disposed of safely and doesn’t end up in a landfill – where it can add toxic pollutants into our water and agricultural systems. Newtech offers e-waste removal and collection services in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Recycle Your Electronics With Ease

Just because these electronics require a special recycling process doesn’t mean it’s challenging to get them where they need to be. With our electronic pickup service, you never have to worry. Our e-waste removal trucks operate all across the Tri-State area for easy pickup whenever you need it. If you have larger or heavier electronics, let us know, and our team can help move them out!

Before recycling your old electronics, be sure to remove all data from them to protect you and your organization. This sometimes means the hard drive will need to be destroyed. If you’re not sure where to begin, Newtech Recycling also offers a hard drive shredding service to ensure the recycling process goes smoothly from start to finish.

E-Waste Collection & Removal Services

Whether you need assistance taking apart, uninstalling, and palletizing old equipment, or if you require a truck to load it on, our team has you covered. We’ll create an inventory of your e-waste and remove all of your unwanted electronics, leaving you with free space and room to upgrade your technology to the latest standards. We can even send you a shipping label if you’d prefer to mail your e-waste directly to our recycling facility.

The glass from your monitors, scanners, and copiers can be recycled indefinitely along with most of the metals found in your machinery. Even the plastic components can be reused over and over. At Newtech Recycling, we aim to reclaim at least 99% of the e-waste that enters our facility. Once your old equipment leaves the office on one of our pickup trucks, our team gets to work to ensure every last part finds a new home.

Recycle E-Waste the Right Way

We should all be working to protect the environment, especially from the damage e-waste can cause on our water systems. Our company strives to make this process simple and easy with an electronics recycling service Tri-State residents can rely on.

If your company or other organization has old and outdated computer equipment, telecommunications hardware, or other electronics, contact Newtech Recycling today to schedule a corporate cleanout and pickup service. We will help you with ethical, legal, and secure electronics disposal so you can feel good about clearing out old equipment and upgrading your technology.

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