Most offices are going to need proper printer disposal at some point, if they go through enough models over time.


You may never have thought about it before, but printers are essentially the same as any other computer product you have. They might not contain the same amount of sensitive data that a hard drive would, but printers do store a memory of your printed documents.


Add to that the fact that printers can contain harmful materials such as lead and mercury, and you likely need printer recycling to take care of what you have.


Disposing of your printer the right way with Newtech Recycling accomplishes two things: it ensures your data is permanently erased, and it keeps hazardous chemicals out of the environment.


How do our printer disposal services work? How can you safely get rid of all your old printers and make more room for yourself in the process? We’ll go through the details below.

What to Know about Our Printer Recycling

Here at Newtech Recycling, we recycle standard office printers from brand names such as Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Samsung, Xerox.


Printers come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Laser, Inkjet, Deskjet, Officejet, all-in-one, color, and black-and-white printers are usually quite similar. Plotters and large-format printers tend to be somewhat larger and a bit more difficult to recycle.

an HP printer with the loading tray open

But do printers really need to be recycled? Can’t they be thrown in the trash? Some states actually prohibit disposing of printers in the standard trash. That’s because they are electronics and contain all kinds of harmful chemicals inside them.


Printer ink can hold within it elements such as chromium, lead, and barium, while the printer’s electronic circuit boards could contain lead and mercury.


When these toxic heavy metals make their way into the environment from landfills, they have the opportunity to harm nearby vegetation, water supplies, and ultimately human and animal health.


To avoid this, while protecting your personal privacy, Newtech Recycling proudly offers printer disposal.

How Our Printer Disposal Works

Office printers are classified as solid toxic e-waste, and your organization should have them recycled when it comes time to retire them.


Newtech’s old printer disposal starts with a demanufacturing process, which assures close to 100% landfill-free disposal. Demanufacturing old office printers can be a time-consuming process, but it is one of the best ways of ensuring toxic components are prevented from polluting our environment.

a printer with paper sticking out of the top

Once we have remanufactured your printer, its constituent parts are broken down into their composite materials. These are then refined via electrolysis, smelting, or chemical purification. Within a short time, all the metals, plastics, and glass are ready for reuse.


So you can see how recycling printers is one of our top interests here at Newtech Recycling: the process keeps dangerous materials out of the Earth and gets rid of your outdated hardware at the same time.

What about Your Printer’s Data?

When we’re doing printer disposal, copier recycling, or any other kind of e-waste recycling, we consider not just the environment, but also your personal data.


Printers can hold onto records of the documents you have printed, and in many cases, those documents could contain sensitive information such as names, addresses, and Social Security numbers.


Our recycling process ultimately delivers raw materials back to the manufacturing cycle, but it also includes a vital step called data destruction. That’s where we hit your electronics with an EMP to erase all their data and then shred the important parts, such as hard drives, into pieces.


That ensures no one can recover anything if they got their hands on your printer after you got rid of it. We take our printer disposal seriously here at Newtech Recycling, and that’s what makes us proud.

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