Newtech recycles standard office printers as well as multipurpose office machines capable of scanning, copying, printing, and faxing. We accept all Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Samsung, Xerox printers. If you need to dispose of an old printer, please call (732) 564-3110 for advice.

Printers come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Laser, inkjet, Deskjet, Officejet, all-in-one, color, and black and white printers are usually very similar. Plotters and large format printers tend to be somewhat larger and a bit more difficult to recycle. Whatever the size or model of the printer, the recycling process usually starts with each printer being disassembled by hand to allow for a better and cleaner material reclamation process. Therefore, the size may affect the recycling cost.

Learn more below about our process of scrapping old printers.

E-Waste Collection

Newtech Recycling Inc. collects IT electronic waste and office equipment from businesses and organizations with operations in New Jersey, New York (including Long Island and NYC), Southern Connecticut, and Eastern Pennsylvania. If you have old office printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, or other electronic devices that you need to dispose of, we can help.

Standard printer collection times vary according to location and quantity. If you require a next-day priority collection service for your old office printers, there may be a premium fee for this service. However, if you purchase your office supplies from, a priority collection could well occur the next day for FREE with your order from Village. For more information, call Village Office Supply at (732) 564-1700 or Newtech Recycling at (732) 564-3110.

Disposal Methods

Office printers are classified as solid toxic e-waste, and your organization must have them recycled. To help, Newtech Recycling offers both a printer collection service, or you can drop the printer off at our New Jersey recycling facility. Our disposal methods start with a demanufacturing process, which assures close to 100% landfill-free disposal.

Demanufacturing old office printers can be a time-consuming process, but it is one of the best ways of ensuring toxic components are prevented from polluting our environment. Once a recycling engineer has demanufactured your old office printer, its constituent parts are broken down into their composite materials. These materials are then refined via electrolysis, smelting, or chemical purification. Within a short time, all the metals, plastics, and glass are ready for reuse.

Recycling Office Equipment

Although we mainly recycle IT hardware, including old office printers and fax machines, Newtech Recycling will also help you recycle most office equipment. If you have any questions about what we are capable of recycling, or if you have something peculiar you need to be recycled, please call us. We are happy to help: (732) 564-3110.

We don’t just stop at recycling your old office printer; we can recycle just about any electronics and IT equipment found in your office. Our mission is to help you achieve a zero-landfill policy within your day-to-day operations. Newtech Recycling has been created to look after the business communities of NY, NJ, CT, and PA. Our specialized recycling facilities, e-waste collection fleet, and recycling services cover every need a modern business may have when disposing of its e-waste (such as old printers).

Where to Dispose of Old Printers

Once you understand the dangers of improperly disposing of printers and other office electronics, you’re halfway there. To make a truly positive impact on the environment, you also need to know where to take old computers and printers to recycle them.

Several large retail chains offer electronic-recycling bins just inside their foyers. Provided the electronics aren’t of gargantuan size, you can simply bring these items into the stores and drop them in the bins. The stores will recycle them from there.

You can also keep an eye out for local electronic-recycling events. Cities and counties might hold these activities once in a while to collect the community’s electronics and responsibly recycle them all in bulk.

You can also bring your old printers and computers to us here at Newtech Recycling, and we will safely handle them all for you. In some cases, if your electronics are in working condition and can be resold in whole or in parts, we will pay you for the device.

As a backup plan, if you’ve been asking, “Where can I recycle a computer printer?” and realize that you want to help other people while getting rid of your old electronics, remember that you can always donate or sell your printers to those who need them.

Recycling Credentials

Recycling electronics requires a considerable amount of care, foresight, and commitment. We have to ensure air, water, and environmental protection at all times. Our staff has to be protected in a safe working environment, and we have to constantly check that the materials we process are managed correctly, legally, and ethically.

When disposing of old printers, we need to be able to provide our clients with the peace of mind that they are recycling the right way and that all the legal requirements for recycling printers are met.

To provide this assurance, Newtech is a member of NAID for data destruction requirements. We are R2 certified to ensure we recycle correctly. We are also state authorized and inspected to ensure we recycle legally. Finally, we are EPA registered, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, to ensure we dispose of printers ethically.

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