We live in a world of ever-changing technology. Additionally, people have become increasingly wasteful when it comes to disposing of their electronic devices. Mobile devices are clearly discarded at a rate higher than any other type of electronic device. There are 1.8 billion mobile phones sold annually, and out of these, Americans throw away 350,000 mobile phones every day.

The astronomical influx of electronics that has arisen over the past decade is referred to as e-waste (electronic waste). Aside from mobile phones, other electronics considered e-waste are computers, fax machines, and televisions. Let’s take a closer look at the importance and process of recycling mobile devices.

Technological Obsolescence

Technological obsolescence occurs when new tech comes in and pushes out the current trends. The feverish pace in which companies rush to come out with new replacements for older versions of their devices makes previously released products obsolete in rapid succession.

Mobile phones are intended for daily use. Many people have their phones in their possession for 24 hours a day. The design of most phones can be considered delicate and in need of protective cases and screen protectors at the time of purchase. The protection is purchased because consumers are aware that the design of their new phone is likely to result in almost immediate damage if it isn’t protected. The fragile nature of mobile designs is a major contributor to the masses of discarded phones we see daily.

Recycling Mobile Devices

As the world becomes familiar with the concept of e-waste and the need to take this issue seriously, we will see a trend of mobile phone recycling arise. The problem that needs to be addressed is two-fold.

First of all, it is important to be educated on the dangers associated with introducing some of the toxic elements contained in mobile designs to the environment. Mobile phones that fill up landfills contain metals that harm the environment when they seep out into the soil and water.

Secondly, we at Newtech Recycling want people to know that there is an actual recycling process created around disposing of hardware like this in safe, legal, responsible ways. We believe the environment is for all of us, and so we are doing our part to ensure the earth lasts a long time for all of our benefit.

Why You Need Mobile Device Recycling

It is common for people to pass the buck to others when it comes to saving the environment. Unfortunately, all consumers share responsibility for how we discard the waste that results from the things we purchase and consume. More than any other purchase, mobile phone waste remains a growing concern.

Tablet Recycling

Tablets fall into the same vein as mobile phones and so should also be treated as hazardous e-waste that must be recycled. If your company in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania has Android and iPad tablet computers that are no longer needed, you are responsible for having them recycled correctly. We strongly suggest you use Newtech’s tablet hard drive data destruction service to ensure you observe the data protection laws in your area.

Data Destruction

Tablets used for business can contain a mix of both professional and personal information. If this data is recovered from a resold, donated, or discarded tablet, you could be personally liable and face prosecution. Deleting files and formatting the tablet’s memory does not ensure information is permanently removed from the drive.

Newtech Recycling guarantees the files and data held on your old tablet’s hard drive will never be read again. Our hard drive data destruction service starts with the secure collection of your old tablets. Once your devices arrive at our recycling facility, they are wiped and data sterilized using international military-grade disk-killing software and an EMP blast. This process makes it impossible to access data from a tablet’s drive ever again. We then permanently destroy the drives themselves through our hard drive shredding process, which tears the caseless drives to pieces.

Selling Company Tablets

Upgrading your company’s smart devices? Replacing your old business Androids and iPads? If you are thinking about selling old tablets, remember that, if they are in prime condition and running modern software, they could still be worth money.

We sometimes pick up used–but modern and scratch free–Android and iPad tablets. We are usually asked to use their value to offset the cost of recycling other tablets and e-waste that have no resale value. Provided the Tablets are in excellent working condition and run all the latest operating systems and other software, we will consider buying them, so remember this when you are about to junk your old mobile electronics.

Reliable IT Disposal Services

At Newtech Recycling, we always do our part to protect the environment while ensuring your private data is destroyed forever once you are finished with it. We work hard to be the most trustworthy and honest computer hardware recycling company in our area.

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