Your computer is loaded with all of your favorite things like cherished pictures, songs, and movies. Before you get rid of an old computer, these are obviously things you want to be able to hang onto. However, these aren’t the only important files that your computer has on it. Your computer contains all of your most important personal information, such as your banking information and other private details of your life. When you get rid of your computer, you want to be sure that all of this is completely wiped off before disposing of it.

It’s extremely important that you take every step that you can to protect yourself from someone getting all of your important personal information. Before you get rid of an old computer, read this so that you know how to protect yourself from someone stealing your data. 

Save Everything First

The first step before clearing all of your data is to make sure it’s all safely saved somewhere else first. Once you’ve successfully gotten all of your information off of your computer, there’s no getting it back. Look through everything before deleting it just so you’re sure you save anything you’ll want to have in the future. It’s a good practice to always have your data backed up just in case, but if you haven’t been doing it, take your time and go through everything that needs to be saved. There are a few different ways of doing this, with some of the most common methods being external storage devices and cloud services.

Sign Out of All Accounts

Many of us stay logged into the accounts we use most often and don’t even think about it. Many websites that contain sensitive information log you out after a certain amount of time, but there could be some that don’t. Accounts like your email, social media, and e-commerce store logins should all be logged out of before getting rid of your computer. You should also double-check that you don’t have any of your login information saved anywhere on your computer, like on a website itself or written in a document. 

Factory Reset

Going through and deleting information manually can be extremely time-consuming. Not only can this quickly become frustrating, but there’s also a good chance that you’re bound to miss something. To make things easier on yourself, do a factory reset rather than worrying about finding and deleting everything on your own, do a factory reset. This is something you can do on any device, including phones and tablets. A factory reset deletes any personal information on your computer and reverts it to the way it was when you initially bought it. This is a quick and simple way of deleting everything all at once.  

Have it Professionally Wiped

It’s common to handle erasing personal information from your computer all on your own. Often, it can look like everything has been successfully erased, but there could still be ways to access this information. This data can still be found on your computer if you know how to look for it. Someone getting access to the information just isn’t worth the risk. Your personal data isn’t something you want to risk. For the safest way to protect your data, bring your computer to a professional who can safely erase it. This is especially important for corporate computers.

Newtech Recycling knows how important it is to have your personal data taken care of before recycling your old computer. Because of this, we help you safely recycle old devices by offering data destruction services that guarantee your data will be completely removed from a device. As a trusted e-waste recycling center, we have access to technology that others don’t to effectively wipe all data from computers. In addition to deleting data, we can also destroy hard drives. Through these services, there will be no way for anyone to access your data, so you can feel safe recycling an old computer or device. 

Don’t take the risk of deleting data on your own. To learn more about how Newtech Recycling can help make recycling your old computer safe and simple, contact us today.