Computer technology changes at the speed of light, and with this landscape comes the need for businesses to keep up with the marketplace. With offices bringing in newer computers all the time, desktop disposal becomes necessary for properly getting rid of the old models.


Why is business computer recycling so important? Right now, millions of tons of e-waste are tossed into the trash every year in the United States, and landfills are not the best places for that kind of waste.


That’s because computers contain harmful materials such as lead, mercury, and chromium. All of these elements can seriously harm the environment when they leach into it slowly in landfills.


The EPA has said that, in recent years, only around 25% of American e-waste was actually recycled. It’s an alarming number, and that’s why Newtech Recycling wants to be there to help.


If you need responsible desktop disposal in the Tri-State area, call Newtech Recycling. We’ll keep your old electronics out of the environment and destroy your personal data so it never gets into the wrong hands.

The Importance of Business Computer Disposal

There are many reasons why it is important to recycle computers and all other e-waste.

Conserving the Environment

Several good reasons for engaging in responsible desktop disposal are related to saving the environment.


Recycling computers preserves natural resources. Since the materials used to make computers can be reclaimed, recycling reduces the amount of new natural resources needed to produce new items.

a modern-day laptop, open and glowing

Another reason to recycle used computers is to keep harmful waste out of landfills. Think about the heavy metals we just mentioned above. No one wants to think about those elements somehow getting into their drinking water or destroying local ecosystems. But this is what can happen when old computers end up in the garbage.


The most effective way to mitigate these potential ills is to recycle your computer with a computer salvage company that specializes in handling the toxic metals that these machines and other electronics contain.

Recycling Old Laptops or CRT Monitors

Two computer items that deserve special mention here are old laptops and CRT monitors.


If you have old, unwanted laptops and are unsure of how to dispose of them, Newtech treats these just like business computers. We’ll get you a quote on taking in your laptops and recycling them in 100% responsible ways.


Then, there are cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitors, popular as computer monitors in the 1990s. CRT products contain specialized vacuum tubes where images are produced. CRT monitors were commonly used until the invention of flatscreens.

an old Apple computer, showing older parts

The challenge with CRT units is that they contain lead, which can contaminate the environment when tossed away. The monitor contains two areas of concern: the “funnel” or rear portion of the monitor, and the “frit,” which is the lead-containing material used as an adhesive to attach the rear portion/funnel to the front face plate.


Newtech is proud to take in both laptops and old CRT monitors and recycle them in all the safe and responsible ways.

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At Newtech Recycling, we pride ourselves on our environmental track record regarding business computer recycling.


Our facility and collection services are fully authorized to pick up and dispose of used computers, laptops, and CRT monitors. We are R2-certified and state-authorized to collect and manage e-waste in New Jersey, New York (including NYC and Long Island), Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.


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