If you have never thought about it before, you might be stumped if asked how computers, hard drives, copiers, and other, similar tech products are disposed of when they have outlived their use. You cannot and should not simply throw these products away in dumpsters, and that’s for two reasons: the devices’ data would be insecure, and it is actually illegal to do so in many states.

At Newtech Recycling, we work hard every day to ensure the hard drives and computers you give us are disposed of properly, legally, and, most importantly, safely. We are a trusted computer disposal service that has the technology to back up our lofty goals of protecting the environment from the harmful effects of electronic components.

Of course, one of the core elements of our operations is data destruction. So, what does that involve?

E-Waste Recycling Machinery

Often, the answer to a problem posed by technology is: technology! Let’s explain what we mean.

When you’ve owned a computer for many years, a ton of data gets stored on the hard drive. The truth is that, even if you manually delete every last file on the drive before disposing of it, that information remains on the device. Read up on purported data destruction methods such as drilling holes and submerging in water and you will find these methods are, in fact, not secure.

How do we do it better at Newtech? Put simply: we have the technology to ensure total destruction. First, we wipe the files from your drive using a software purge to eliminate the drive’s files more permanently. But we are still not finished. To finish off the hard drive for good, we hit it with an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. This disrupts the magnetic fields that organize the drive’s data, thereby destroying the information totally.  We then can add a final level of security by shredding the drives. As a value-added service, we can provide a serialized inventory of the drives being processed.

That leaves only the devices themselves to dispose of, and it is vital that these be recycled properly to prevent environmental harm. To throw away a computer would be to sentence it to a landfill. Depending on how that landfill is managed, the hazardous materials from the computer–including lead and mercury–can seep into the ground and pollute the habitats of nearby plants and animals, as well as local groundwater.

At Newtech Recycling, we don’t stop at data destruction. We also believe in creating a clean, healthy world for future generations. We partner with companies who own equipment for removing lead and other harmful substances from the devices you recycle with us. It’s all part of the process, and it keeps our planet healthy and safe.

Hard Drive Shredding

When you choose Newtech Recycling, you can rest assured that you and your organization are legally protected against failing to dispose of your hard drives correctly. Our data destruction process takes care of the information on your hard drives, but shredding is one of the best ways to destroy a drive itself. The fact is this: as long as the drives are physically intact, any of your data still has a chance of being accessed. Only physically destroying the hard drive ensures that the data is 100% gone for good.

At least half of the businesses in the United States don’t use professional services to destroy hardware containing sensitive information. At Newtech Recycling, we understand how important it is to protect your personal or corporate data when recycling old devices. That’s why we offer an exceptional hard drive shredding service to protect all of your confidential data when the time comes for corporate electronic recycling or replacement.

Shredding Computer Drives

Our data destruction facility at NewTech Recycling is incredibly secure. If your data is extra sensitive, we can come directly to you to ensure your confidential data never has to leave the building. We own a fleet of hard drive shredding vehicles and mobile shredders that we can bring right into your office. We run a Class D state-licensed mobile hard drive shredding and e-waste management facility to ensure your electronics are recycled properly, from pickup all the way to data destruction.

Secure Hard Drive Removal

To destroy a hard drive securely, it must first be removed from its casing. Whether you have an office copier, laptop, server, or RAID backup system, this should always be the first step. This can be an easy task if you only have a few devices to dispose of. However, if you have a large number of computers in need of hard drive removal and disposal, allow us to help.

We provide a secure hard drive disposal facility with 24/7 surveillance, vetted staff, and that operates to ISO 14001, ISO 45001, R2 standards, and is state certified. Our process starts with removing the hard drives, and then purging them through an NSA, DOD, and MOD military-grade system, along with the previously mentioned EMP blast for safe measure. We finish the process by safely shredding the drives on NAID-compliant shredders.

Dispose of Your Data Securely and Responsibly

When you choose Newtech Recycling for your hard drive destruction services, you are making the right choice for both your business and the environment. Our services are recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and our primary goal is to reduce the amount of toxic waste that ends up in our environment. By trusting us with your data destruction, you can rest assured that you made the right choice overall.

From data destruction to office electronics recycling, Newtech Recycling makes the process simple and easy. Contact us today to learn more about our data destruction and hard drive shredding services or to receive a quote from our knowledgeable team.

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