Removal of Photocopiers

The Newtech Recycling Removal Team is highly experienced in the collection of obsolete or scrap photocopiers. We have removed copiers from some of the most challenging locations. Our e-waste collection trucks range in size to accommodate the removal of even the largest photocopier machines. We collect copiers from NJ, NY, NYC, LI, CT & PA..

It is important for our clients to understand that most copiers contain hard drives where data is stored.  This proprietary/confidential data needs to be protected.  As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients and the protection of this information, we strongly recommend you use our photocopier data-destruction and hard drive shredding service. This service includes the removal of the hard drive from the copier, permanently deleting any files held on the drive and shredding the drive, making it absolutely impossible to recover data.

Equipment Recycling

Newtech recycles a diverse range of electronic equipment. We provide removal services in addition to the proper recycling and disposal of this obsolete material. We pride ourselves on our environmental track record and the adherence to the most stringent certifications in the industry. We also go beyond the industry certifications, with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 designations which verifies our commitment to proper practices and employee protection.

Our capabilities include:

-Logistical Planning-where we work with our clients to plan, implement, and deliver the most cost effective method to remove your electronic waste and meet your data security needs.

-Pick-Up Service-we have the ability to plan and provide transportation of large or small quantities of materials utilizing our fleet of trucks or national shipping partners. Customized scheduling and pick-ups will be designed to meet your specific needs.

-Inventory & Testing-as part of our standard service we will provide a breakdown of what we receive at our location. This will show the material type and weights. At a clients request, Newtech will provide an itemized listing of all of the equipment received. The information provided in this listing shall include the serial number, manufacturer, model and asset number if applicable. This value added auditing service is available on all material being collected.

-Electronic Recycling-The material is then broken down to component level, either at the Newtech facility, or processed at an approved downstream vendor. The recovered components are sorted by composition material and then placed back as feedstock for new manufacturing.

-Certificate of Recycling-We will provide a Certificate of Recycling for all material processed at the Newtech facility. This guarantees that all of your equipment was processed in the most environmentally responsible way.

To inquire about our services, complete our contact form or call us at 732 564 3110 (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm). Our R2 e-waste recycling service is only available for businesses in NJ, NY, NYC, LI, CT & PA. This recycling service is not for residents.

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